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6 Must-Try Food Joints At The Qubix Hub In Sheikh Zayed

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6 Must-Try Food Joints At The Qubix Hub In Sheikh Zayed
written by
Nelly Ezz

Sheikh Zayed is becoming more and more like a massive food hall, with restaurants, cafes, bakeries, eateries and more opening up on every corner. With outdoor plazas, malls, and promenades paving their way into the food scene and filling up their ground floors with new restaurant concepts every other day – one could say that we are spoiled for choice. The Qubix Hub is a more laid-back option when you’re in the mood to have a casual burger or a quick ice cream with a friend. The container hub is a high-end mixed-use hub, bringing a diverse variety of container-style restaurants and cafes where you can find everything you want, from burgers and wood-fired chicken to toasties and Japanese mochi. Here are six places to try next time to head to Qubix this winter:

  1. OG Burger

Another burger joint just entered the scene with a loud flavour bomb. OG Burger is everything you want from a burger: A juicy patty, a pillowy bun, fresh toppings, and unique sauces. This place lives up to its name with a tempting menu filled with wings, fries, shakes, and last but not least, beef and chicken burgers. They deliver to Sheikh Zayed and October via this phone number 01114388856, and also provide catering services!

  1. Chiqita

Wood-fired rotisserie and charcoal grill, need we say more? Chiqita Egypt serves up special wood-fired whole chickens and boneless charcoal-grilled chicken all day, every day. Not only that, but their menu is vast; they have soups, salads, pasta, appetisers, burgers, pigeon and even molokhia! You can check out their menu on and order from 01288070882/6

  1. Toasted

Craving a light toastie breakfast? Well, Toasted is here to the rescue. Make all your sandwich dreams come true with this latest hotspot. Sourdough lover? No problem, their selection is filled with delicious toasted fun made with sourdough or white bread, alongside many salad, drink, and dessert options. You can reach them via 012225653239 for orders.

  1. Taiyaki

The home to Cairo’s number one food craze of the season: Mochi. Taiyaki is a Japanese ice cream parlour that serves mocha ice cream, bubble tea, and soft-serve ice cream to all Qubix goers. With a specialised menu filled with unique flavours like Ube, Matcha, and Brown Bobba, Taiyaki is undoubtedly a must-visit place when you’re in the neighbourhood. You can also find them in the Mall of Arabia or the Spot Mall in New Cairo.

  1. Bun Bud

We are taking the whole burger game outside the box with this one. Bun Bud has reinvented burgers. How? Well, imagine a cheeseburger stuffed bun packed with cheese, onions, mushrooms in a golden-brown dough, and you’ll get what Bun Bud is all about. This place will suit anyone who likes thick and juicy patties and thin buns, with a side of crispy fries, of course. You can order online or via 01142359097 until 11:30 PM on weekdays and 12:30 AM on weekends. 

  1. Cuts and Nuts

Profiteroles, pancakes, waffles, crepes, doughnuts; we can go on forever. Cuts and Nuts is the place to be after you’ve had a great lunch at Qubix. It’s the “standard” dessert place because it has everyone’s favourite desserts, toppings, and even Sharing Boxes that have a bit of everything they have on offer! You can also visit their other branch in Family Mall in 6th of October, or call 01125525516 for more information.