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6 Pizzerias in Cairo Where You Can Celebrate World Pizza Day

Pizza World Pizza Day
6 Pizzerias in Cairo Where You Can Celebrate World Pizza Day
    written by
    Basma Belal

    Image credit: Sydney Troxell

    Today is World Pizza Day, which is every day for us. Lo and behold, we have found the perfect excuse to binge on the flavourful cheesy triangles, and in honour of such occasion, we have gathered five places that will satisfy your cravings. Really, it’s the “yeast” we could do.

    900 Degrees

    You might not have heard of 900 Degrees, but the pizzeria, located in Downtown Mall, prides itself on oven-baked pizzas that taste just as delicious as they look.

    Il Divino Pizzeria

    The combination of fresh ingredients with the crunchiness of the fresh dough from Il Divino pizzeria will surely leave you wanting more.

    Ted’s Pizzeria

    “In pizza, we crust,” reads Teds Pizzeria’s Instagram bio. Passing by the pizza parlour would be history in the baking.

    3al 7atab

    All we needed to do was take a look at 3al 7atab’s photos, and the pizzas’ cheese pull was too magnetic to resist.

    Olivo Pizzeria and Bar

    Thin crust? Check. Cocktail? Check. Hooked on Olivo’s pizzas? Check.

    Sapori di Carlo

    Go full throttle at Sapori di Carlo’s all-you-can-eat celebration because sometimes one pizza per person just doesn’t cut it.