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9 Great Must-Try Breakfast Spots Around Maadi

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9 Great Must-Try Breakfast Spots Around Maadi
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    Breakfast, also known as the meal of the champions, is a meal made a whole lot better when you’re not the one making it. Cairo’s streets are filled with all kinds of breakfast greatness, especially Maadi’s charming inner streets. The fact of the matter is, we are spoilt for choice. So, whether you’re looking for something filling or something sweet like a stack of pancakes, we’ve rounded up a few great spots for a delicious breakfast when you’re on the look for the next best thing.


    Bell’s has lovely outdoor seating space for everyone from couples and families to large friendly gatherings. With a playground conveniently set up in the corner, this spot serves as one of the kid-friendly spots in Cairo. The best bit is, their portions can’t be beaten. So if you’re in the mood to eat a hearty breakfast, this is the place to go!


    Kick-off your day with Marny’s fantastic selection of European breakfast options! You’ll find everything you want for a filling and delicious meal, from egg benedict and French toast to pancakes and sandwiches. Their cosy Maadi Degla branch is open from 8 AM- 11 PM; you can enjoy your early breakfast there while being accompanied by a few bright smoothies and fresh juices or even grab lunch or dinner a bit later.

    Sincerely V

    Are you going plant-based and don’t know where to eat out? Sincerely V is a unique plant-based café that resides in Maadi’s Community Service Association (CSA). Grab breakfast, brunch or lunch there whenever you feel like having some yummy clean food. If you’d like to get some breakfast in bed, you’re in luck! Home delivery is an option.


    Another picturesque breakfast spot in Degla Maadi makes our list, Lyfe. Totally Instagrammable, and satisfyingly delightful, Lyfe is a great place to have picture-perfect poke bowls, pancakes, salads, oats, wellness shots, coffee, and more. So, if you’re health-conscious and looking for some delicious fun, Lyfe is your spot – you can head there as early as 8:30 AM.

    Ralph’s German Bakery

    If you’ve ever been to Dahab, then you probably had breakfast in Ralph’s German Bakery a few times. After its great success in the Red Sea’s magical hidden gem, this breakfast joint opened two branches in Cairo. Their Maadi branch is open from 8 AM – 10 PM; you can enjoy a wide range of baked goods alongside various breakfast and lunch options. You’ll find unique items like Bavarian Cherry Noodles, Full English Breakfasts, Laugen Hawaii, Loaded Burgers, and more.

    The Lebanese Bakery

    Manousheh, Moujjanat, Manakeesh, need we say more? This Lebanese breakfast place is every breakfast fanatic’s dream coming true. Their colourful and bright selection of baked breakfast goods is indescribable. If you believe in the saying “You Eat with Your Eyes First “, then prepare to be amazed. You can head to Sarayat El-Maadi as early as 7 AM to enjoy your early meal there or order at home through elmenus and talabat. 

    Frank & Co.

    One of Maadi’s favourite neighbourhood bars just launched an amazing breakfast menu. Frank and Co. is known for its tasty selection of affordable cocktails and dishes, and right now, we’re all about their yummy new breakfast menu. Detox Water, Egg Casseroles, Greek Yoghurts, Crepes, Tartines, and the whole nine yards are now available for ordering from 9 AM.


    Situated with picnic tables available in the sun or shade, Lokali serves up some of the more creative breakfast plates in Maadi! As they offer meals that include only locally-grown ingredients, their menu often changes due to the seasonality of certain items. Who doesn’t love a sustainable breakfast?


    Missing the classic American breakfast? Want to try it out for the first time? You’re in luck because Lucille’s provides a western breakfast like no other! With biscuits and gravy, hash browns, and country fried steak, your breakfast cravings will be cured after a visit to this much-loved restaurant.