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A Belly Full of Mahshi: 11 Places to Get Stuffed with Egypt’s Famous Specialty

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A Belly Full of Mahshi: 11 Places to Get Stuffed with Egypt’s Famous Specialty
    written by
    Nelly Ezz

    When it comes to deciding what to eat in Egypt, we have a wealth of local dishes to choose from. However, mahshi has got to be the number one favourite of all Egyptians! It’s a very filling dish and is considered a satisfying vegetarian or vegan meal, and with Ramadan coming up, these Mahshi experts can save you a lot of time!

    Here are 11 places that serve this authentic Egyptian all-time favourite:

    1. ElDahan

    ElDahan is an Egyptian grill and restaurant with various locations scattered around Cairo. With branches open in Mohandseen, New Cairo, Madinaty, Heliopolis, El-Rehab and Nasr City, you can either choose their Mombar, Mahshi and Vine Leaves Platter (104 LE), or get a mix of them as a side dish for 23 LE.

    1. Abou El Sid

    Abou El Sid has been long considered a high-end Egyptian cuisine experience. These days they have branches in 6th of October, Nasr City and Zamalek. You’ll find their Dolma Abou El Sid for 72 LE under their Mezze & Appetizers section.

    1. Fasahet Somaya

    Looking for great mahshi and an even better ambience? Then Fasahet Somaya is definitely the place to be! Located in Downtown Cairo, their menu always offers something new depending on the available ingredients. Check their menu before heading there, but if you want to order in, they have a set menu on elmenus. You can grab their Mix Mahshi for only 45 LE.

    1. Naguib Mahfouz

    A café in the heart of Khan El-Khalili, Naguib Mahfouz serves many Egyptian specials. Their Mix Mahshi (60 LE) is on offer alongside many other hot and cold appetisers. You can also find this gem in Oberoi Hotels open from 11 AM to midnight.

    1. El Haty

    Another grill and restaurant venue that has a lot to offer is El Haty. What is great about their Mix Mahshi selection is that you can either order a plate for 24 LE, half a kilo 51 LE, or 1 kilo for 103 LE. Find them on offer in a branch near you: Sheikh Zayed, Downtown, Madinaty, Hadayek El Kobba, El Mokattam, Al Rehab and Nasr City.

    1. Cairo Kitchen

    You can find Egyptian street food at Zamalek’s beloved Cairo Kitchen. With a variety of tajines, koshari, salads, grills, and much more, it’s no surprise to find our star dish somewhere on their menu. Their mahshi is 41 LE, and you can have it anytime between 11 AM to midnight.

    1. Abou Shakra

    Famous for great charcoal-grilled meat and hot appetisers, Abou Shakra has defiantly made its mark in the Egyptian cuisine seen. You can enjoy their Mix Mahshi with their special spice mix for 50 LE in any of their branches in Mohandseen, New Cairo, Downtown, Maadi, Heliopolis, and Nasr City.

    1. El Menofy Kababgy

    With branches in Cairo and the North Coast, El Menofy has taken the scene by storm with their superb specialities and grills. You can find their Mixed Dolma for 32 LE in Sheikh Zayed, 5th Settlement, Hadaba El Haram, Marina, and Sidi Abd El Rahman.

    For reservations, call 01147300002 or 01111069091.

    1. Tajouri

    If you’re ever in the Manial area and in the mood for mahshi, stop by Tajouri. Open from noon until 11 PM, you can find their Mix Mahshi for 25 LE in their appetisers.

    1. Om Hassan

    With only two branches open so far in Mohandseen and Nasr City. Om Hassan has Mix Mahshi in their wide selection of Egyptian specials for a mere 42 LE.

    1. Abou Khaled

    Abou Khaled has two branches open up in the 6th of October area. Their mahshi selection is quite diverse; you can order Mix Mahshi with Knuckles for 125 LE, ix appetisers with mahshi for 92 LE, or a plate of Dolma for 23 LE. Both branches are open as early as 9 AM, perfect if you’re ever craving mahshi for breakfast!