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Shrimp Konafa: A Classic at InterContinental Cairo Semiramis’ Birdcage

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Shrimp Konafa: A Classic at InterContinental Cairo Semiramis’ Birdcage
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Cairo 360

Garden City’s luxury hotel, InterContinental Cairo Semiramis, is known to host some of the best culinary destinations in town, and the Thai restaurant Birdcage happens to be one of them. While famous for being one of Cairo’s few venues to offer authentic Thai flavours, not many people know that Birdcage is where the all-time favourite, Shrimp Konafa, was first invented. 


But let us give credit to the genius behind the dish; Chef Narong Butsriphoom, who, like many masterminds, likes to keep a low profile. Not many people know much about his successful 20-year journey at Birdcage, working so hard on expanding the reputation and reach of Thai cuisine. This is evident from the numerous honours that Birdcage has received from TripAdvisor, Cairo 360, as well as earning  World Luxury Restaurant in the category of Thai cuisine on the continent level.                                         

So what is the story behind the Shrimp Konafa? The Koong Sai Mai (deep-fried marinated shrimp seasoned with Thai herbs and wrapped in Konafa) was created in Chef Butsriphoom’s kitchen when he was searching for a substitute for thin Thai noodles. Having known that konafa had a similar texture, and an all-time favourite, he thought to himself, “Why have it only for dessert?” After all, Thai food is famous for its balanced flavours and intricate combinations that make it fascinating to eat and demanding to cook.

But Butsriphoom’s limits of creativity do not stop there; besides the shrimp konafa, Birdcage offers a colourful spectrum of dishes, including the Thai classic, pandan fried chicken, as well as other dishes that feature local ingredients, like sugar cane and sweet potatoes. And because you eat with your eyes first, the restaurant serves its delights creatively, using banana leaves, bamboo, and carved pineapples.

With the amount of effort and hard work the people behind Birdcage exert, we’re not surprised to hear about the many awards the restaurant has earned. Birdcage is open daily from 12.00 to 4.00PM, and from 7.00PM to midnight.

For more information call 02-27988000.