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A Listicle for Cairene Carnivores: The Ultimate Guide to the Capital’s Best Steakhouses

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A Listicle for Cairene Carnivores: The Ultimate Guide to the Capital’s Best Steakhouses
written by
Sherif Khairy

Featured image via Mo Bistro




Grilled, smoked, roasted, barbequed, slow-cooked, seasoned with salt & pepper, assorted herbs, or your favourite sauce. Meat can get a ton of diverse treatments when it comes to cooking, but they’re 100% tasty all of the time. While cooking a nice home meal can be enjoyable, sometimes it’s best just to go ahead and eat at a speciality restaurant. So for all of you meat lovers out there, these are the absolute best restaurants for a good-old premium steak.

JW’s Steakhouse

The top name when it comes to premium steaks, JW’s Steakhouse offers unique options when it comes to cuts of meat that not many restaurants can keep up with. If you’re looking for a sure hit, look no further than this spot.

Romanov Steakhouse 

Indulge in a royal treatment at this elite restaurant in Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski. The service is excellent, and the food, you need to try it for yourself.


A brilliant atmosphere with an open kitchen, inviting you to witness the brilliance that their chefs perform on a daily basis. You can enjoy open-buffet feasts for breakfast and lunch, or enjoy a fine dining experience from the á la carte menu.

One Oak

Aside from their brilliant sushi rolls, One Oak is famous for premium steaks that are perfectly seasoned and expertly cooked. Their menu incorporates a lot of tasty options, so make sure you make the best of your visit.

Mo Bistro 

After its success in Mohandessin, Mo Bistro hit Sheikh Zayed with its unique and delicious offerings. Fine dining starts with service, elevates with the presentation, and is brought home by taste. Mo Bistro delivers all these steps with ease.

Casa De Carne

This is for the real meat lovers. Casa De Carne asks the question, how much Brazilian meat can you really take? You can order your chosen dish from the menu, or take advantage of their all-you-can-eat offer for a feast to remember.


This is quite a unique spot, so if you’re looking for a traditional steak experience, this isn’t your place. But if you want something out of the ordinary, and truly out of this world in terms of flavour, then you have to try out Kazlak.

Steak Out

Somewhat of a fine dining experience, but not as upscale as other options. Still, Steak Out offers a classic restaurant experience with good food, and relatively reasonable prices. Their lightly dimmed atmosphere makes it work as a romantic spot for dates.


One of the favourite spots for locals in Maadi, Sizzler has somewhat of a similar atmosphere to Steak Out. Their menu is a bit different but doesn’t stray away too far from the traditional menu options you’d expect. It remains a go-to place for a good steak meal in Maadi.