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Al Beiruti: Where Restaurants Meet Cafes

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Al Beiruti: Where Restaurants Meet Cafes
written by
Nada Wahba

When Dubai’s Al Beiruti recently joined the list of must-try restaurants in Egypt, in Arkan Plaza, Sheikh Zayed, we couldn’t contain our excitement. Now, Al Beiruti has expanded to the other side of the world (aka New Cairo) in Garden 8, with its opening taking place a few days ago, and Cairene residents are sure to get the authentic Lebanese experience with fine-dining quality food. 

Al Beiruti is a distinguished spot that is the perfect combination of an elegant restaurant and a cosy cafe, where everyone is welcome for a hearty Lebanese meal or a good old cup of coffee or a drink of their choice. Serving international dishes as well, Al Beiruti has the unique experience of a show kitchen, where you watch the chefs prepare your dish and peep into the Lebanese essence of preparing a meal. Your dinner experience has just been elevated as you watch the entire meal preparation process in the kitchen, from whipping up mezze to grilling meat and carving out shawarmas; Al Beiruti attracts foodies with hungry stomachs and designers with an eye for detail. 

The resto-cafe is truly a one-stop shop where you can have a savoury manouche with a piping hot cup of coffee for breakfast or a huge feast for lunch with your family and friends while playing Tawle games! Everything about Al Beiruti screams authenticity, and even their architecture is reminiscent of a traditional Lebanese, with a modern spin. 

Al Beiruti aims to bring the Lebanese experience to the table, leaving bits of the iconic city with its guests to take away as they leave the restaurant.