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All Chicken Everything: The Ultimate Guide to the Capital’s Best Chicken Dishes
written by
Sherif Khairy

Featured image via Chicken & Ribs


Welcome to the mother of all comprehensive guides. If you’re a chicken lover, this is the place to be. So whether you like it roasted, grilled, fried, oven-baked, sautéed, or broiled; served up in strips, chopped up in cubes, cut in thick/thin slices, or grilled with bones; whether you prefer it with sauce or dry, this is the place to find out where to go. So without further ado, these are the best chicken dishes that Cairo restaurants have to offer.

Grilled Chicken by Andrea Mariouteya

One of Egypt’s first upscale restaurants. Launched decades ago, this was the hot spot for the elite in town, with its restaurant in Mariouteya, and another in Alexandria, it even had door selection by the owner himself. Andrea has been copied countless times by other restaurants taking its name, but we’re talking about the real deal here. Andrea moved to New Giza, taking a spot up high and affording stunning views. Their unique colours and authentic freshly-baked bread make this place heavenly. Their Grilled Chicken (65 EGP) is arguably the best in town, and with side items like Chicken Liver (70 EGP) and Chicken Wings (40 EGP), the dining experience is elevated.

Big Mamma Special by Chicken & Ribs

Chicken & Ribs is the sister restaurant to Butcher’s Burger, and they share the same spot in Westown Hub. Their Big Mamma Special (94 EGP) allows you to feast on their brilliant fried chicken pieces, with a side of their unique Mac & Cheese. You can also go for other combos offering waffles as a side dish. If fried isn’t your preference, perhaps go for the healthier roasted chicken option.

Sun-dried Tomato Chicken Breast by Mo Bistro

Forget everything you know about chicken breasts being bland and dry; Mo Bistro have taken chicken breasts and transformed them into a flavourful, tender, and moist plate. Indeed, their Sun-dried Tomato Chicken Breast (135 EGP) is a perfectly light and extremely delicious chicken breast dish. 

Rotisserie Chicken by Chick Shack

Not to be mistaken for the international franchise, Shake Shack. Chick Shack is obviously a chicken-dedicated restaurant. Taking its spot in Zamalek’s bustling 26th of July Street, it offers some of the best rotisserie chicken in town. It’s slow-cooked to perfection, and will melt in your mouth. Your best option would be either the Your Own Half Meal (85 EGP) which offers any side order from the menu (including salads and pasta), or Half Chicken Meal (80 EGP) with two sides from potatoes, veggies, or rice.

321 Mix Meal by Kansas Fried Chicken

The place took Cairo by storm and vowed to dethrone the original Kentucky franchise. Kansas Fried Chicken is doing pretty well for itself with its unique fried chicken. The 321 Mix Meal (72 EGP) will allow you to try out fried chicken pieces, nuggets, and a crispy chicken piece, along with rice. You can add some of their tasty appetisers to complete your meal.

Herb & Fereek Chicken by Crave

It was a terribly difficult choice to single out one chicken dish from Crave’s delicious array of chicken options. However, we chose the Herb & Fereek Chicken (115 EGP) because it’s quite rare to find such a traditional home dish executed to perfection at an international restaurant. You’ll also be amazed by their unique Chicken Cordon Rose (115 EGP) stuffed with smoked salmon, or their simple but marvellous Grilled Chicken (105 EGP).

Sizzling Chicken Mexicali by TGI Friday’s

While Friday’s was once a hot spot for American dining, but it seems that time has taken its toll on it. However, one of their dishes still remains – to us – one of the best chicken options in town. If you’re in the mood for a cheesy platter, don’t miss their Sizzling Chicken Mexicali (147 EGP), served in a pan with melted Colby and Jack cheese, pico de gallo, and deliciously seasoned Spanish rice.

Whole Rotisserie Smoked Chicken by Sanos

Sanos hit Sheikh Zayed with a unique menu of tasty chicken options and hearty brunch meals. Since sharing food is the ultimate gesture of love, we invite you to share the Whole Rotisserie Smoked Chicken (165 EGP) plate with someone you appreciate. The chicken has a unique smoky flavour, while the side of quinoa rice with vermicelli is absolutely stunning.

Chicken BBQ Pizza by Primo’s Pizza

Pizza topped with chicken is not as famous as its other comrades, but it can, nonetheless, still be as delicious as cheese or meat pizza. Primo’s Pizza is perhaps the best option for chicken lovers when it comes to pizza, their BBQ Chicken Pizza (72 EGP) is cheesy, hearty, and irresistibly delicious. Otherwise you can go for the Chicken Ranch Pizza from Papa John’s (93 EGP to 130 EGP, depending on the size). You can also opt for Maison Thomas’s Mexico Pizza with Cheddar cheese and sweetcorn (80 EGP to 103EGP, depending on the size).

Chicken Enchiladas by Tabla Luna

This authentic Latin American restaurant started off in Maadi and opened another branch in Westown Hub. Tabla Luna offers a ton of delicious appetisers, particularly the Chili Nachos (112 EGP). But when it comes to chicken, nothing tops their Chicken Enchiladas (110 EGP). Delicious wheat tortillas filled with their unique sauce and topped with a whole lot of cheese.

Chicken Burgers by Dirty Byrd

There are a lot of contenders for the best chicken burger in town, but perhaps Dirty Byrd will take that spot for its consistency, quality, and overall experience at the restaurant itself. Honourable mentions are of course, Chicken Fil-A and Zack’s Fried Chicken, also offering very tasty chicken burgers.

Chicken Wings by The Tap

Who in their right mind would forget chicken wings when talking about the best chicken dishes in town? While The Tap is not famous for being a full-blown restaurant, their BBQ Wings (75 EGP) are arguably the best in town. If you’re a wing lover, we advise you to also try out the wings at Butcher’s Burger, Buffalo Wings & Rings, and of course, Lord of the Wings. Willy’s Kitchen also serves up some mean chicken strips.