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Aromatic Vietnamese Dishes: Uncovering Authentic Pho in the Heart of Cairo!

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Aromatic Vietnamese Dishes: Uncovering Authentic Pho in the Heart of Cairo!
written by
Nelly Ezz
Image via Inspired Taste

In Egypt’s evolving culinary landscape, Asian food has emerged as a popular choice, drawing enthusiasts towards a myriad of new flavours. Notably, Vietnamese cuisine has captured people’s attention, with one of its quintessential dishes, pho (pronounced as “phuh”), firmly establishing itself as a staple. This aromatic and flavourful noodle soup has swiftly gained prominence in Cairo, offering a delicious blend of herbs, spices, and savoury broth that embodies the essence of Vietnamese culinary tradition. So, if you haven’t tried this culinary delight yet, check out those spots for an excellent steaming-hot bowl of pho. 


What The Pho 

Located in Maadi, the acclaimed ‘What The Pho’ stands out as an oasis for authentic Vietnamese cuisine enthusiasts. This delivery-only service operates between the hours of noon and 2 am, catering to late-night cravings and lunchtime indulgences alike. Offering a delightful array of flavourful options, this brand boasts an extensive menu highlighted by their signature pho, a fragrant and rich noodle soup that encapsulates the essence of Vietnamese culinary expertise. Complementing these mainstays is an enticing selection of banh mi and appetisers that perfectly capture the essence of Vietnamese street food. 



A Vietnamese high-end restaurant initially known for its luxurious setting in Gouna, Saigon has found a new home at Park Street in Sheikh Zayed, delighting discerning food enthusiasts with its exquisite offerings. Renowned for its sophisticated ambience and refined cuisine, Saigon has seamlessly transitioned to its new locale, continuing to enchant customers with an unparalleled dining experience. However, indulging in the culinary wonders of Saigon comes with a significant price tag, making it an ideal destination for those special occasions or moments of indulgence to savour the pinnacle of Vietnamese gastronomy. 


Jars To Go

Jars to Go has revolutionised the dining experience by offering a convenient and diverse range of ready-to-eat meals for delivery and at select retailers such as Bestway Supermarkets. Their lineup of portable jars boasts a tempting assortment of soups, salads, snacks, and desserts, catering to the cravings of busy individuals seeking both healthy and delicious options. Among their enticing selection, the standout is unquestionably their masterful pho, with an aromatic broth, tender meat, and fresh herbs. Jars to Go has ingeniously captured the essence of this beloved dish in a convenient jar, ensuring that the flavours remain authentic and satisfyingly intact for consumption on the go. 



Hanoi, nestled in the heart of New Cairo in Waterway 1, is a culinary gem that beckons patrons to indulge in the rich flavours of Vietnamese cuisine. Renowned for its delightful menu, Hanoi offers an array of amazing options, particularly its exquisite selection of Pho dishes. The menu boasts an impressive variety of pho – from traditional beef-based soups to aromatic chicken and vegetarian options, each bowl brimming with freshness and authenticity.