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Ayadina Hits a Ramadan Homerun…Again

Ayadina Hits a Ramadan Homerun…Again
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Cairo 360

Lebanese restaurants are a dime a dozen across Cairo, but few nail down the authenticity of the Levant with the contemporary dining experience that discerning Cairenes demand more than Ayadina Lebanese Restaurant.

As one of the most popular Lebanese restaurants in the capital, Ayadina now has branches in some of the city’s hottest of hotspots, Korba, Sheikh Zayed’s Galleria40, Citystars and Point 90 Mall in New Cairo.

Few restaurants also lend themselves to the contemporary Egyptian Ramadan experience more than Ayadina and this year is no different, with it emerging once again as one of the most popular spots for fetar – from the second day, the lavish open buffet was almost at capacity every day. It’s no wonder why; the all-inclusive spread brought together the best in traditional foods from Lebanon, alongside some of Ayadina’s unique spins and twists.

Don’t just our word for it, though; Ayadina has been a big hit with the city’s foodies and bloggers, with mouthwatering photos and videos of the restaurant’s festivities flooding Instagram and Facebook.

But that wasn’t the only presence Ayadina had on social media this Ramadan. The restaurant also gave Cairenes a chance to win an all-inclusive sohour by simply telling them why they should win – and the feedback was impressive. From “Because I want to take my mum out” to “because I’m addicted to hummus” the responses were varied and out of over 100K interactions, 20 lucky entrants won.

One of the biggest comments diners have made over the years, and during Ramadan specifically, about Ayadina is the service. Even in 2017, with Cairo’s dining scene at its most prolific, good, consistent service eludes even the best of restaurants. At Ayadina, however, the restaurant’s dedicated starff have found a sweet-spot between professional/courteous/attentive and friendly/welcoming/familiar. See, restaurants of Cairo – you can be both.

This particular characteristic was out on display at Ayadina’s Galleria40 branch, where the restaurant was part of the Ramadan kheima, 3al Tawla. Anyone who’s been to the tent will know how busy and bustling it is, with diners able to order from many of the mall’s eateries – on paper, it all sounds a bit chaotic, but throughout the month, Ayadina became one of the tent’s favourites, thanks in part to the excellent service.

It makes it all the sadder that Ramadan is winding down – but hey, Ayadina is opening in Telal, Sahel so you can enjoy Lebanon’s finest by the beach! For more information and reservations, call 01015211222 or check out Ayadina Lebanese Bistro on Faceboook.