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Best Brunch Spots in Cairo: Where to Enjoy A Lazy Midday Meal

Best Brunch Spots in Cairo: Where to Enjoy A Lazy Midday Meal
    written by
    Cairo 360

    Introduced in Britain in the late 1800s, the word ‘brunch’ originally
    described the typical midday eating habits of reporters, but it didn’t take
    long to catch on worldwide. Today, the term is used as slang for any meal between
    10AM and 3PM. A lazy and relaxed brunch is traditionally associated with the
    weekend, as your weekday 9-to-5 normally has you in a different eating pattern.

    Cairo 360 has conducted its research and now brings you our top choices for brunch
    in Cairo. Set aside some time and enjoy your meal!


    How could we even think about talking about brunch without mentioning Lucille’s
    famous all-day breakfast menu? If you’re looking for greasy, delicious comfort
    food, this is your place. Their French toast (25LE to 40LE) is a delectable
    option piled high with your choice of fruit or sugary substances including
    honey, maple syrup, and powdered sugar. Their pancake short stacks come with
    sides of fruit or even beef bacon if you like to mix it up. For something more substantial, their omelettes (especially the Garden and Mexican omelettes) don’t
    disappoint either.


    Aqua E Luce:
    A popular breakfast spot among the Heliopolis crowd, Aqua E Luce’s
    bubbly decor
    makes for a daintily charming atmosphere. On Fridays, jazz music is
    provided as
    entertainment and we hear that their open breakfast buffet and
    cuisine are always tasty. They’re open every day at 6:30AM; but seeing
    as how the venue is part of the Fairmont Towers Heliopolis, expect to
    drop a decent amount on
    your brunch-time delights.


    While this restaurant poses as another Americana diner scene, their
    menu selection seems to differ. Word on the street is that their brioche, French
    toast and eggs are quite possibly the best in Zamalek. Prices begin from
    20LE to 30LE per plate. The restaurant’s spacious interior makes it a great
    option when you’re a larger party or hitting it up at a busy hour.

    Bean& Tea Leaf:
    Zamalek residents love their lazy morning brunch at the
    Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf with its selection of Panini sandwiches (try the
    turkey and melted cheese) and breakfast dishes like brek’o’day (scrambled eggs,
    sausages and Panini bread for 18.95LE) and their own rather dry version of eggs
    Benedict (18.95LE). You can always stick to the safe side with their almond
    croissants and muffins. The cold ice-blended coffees (20.50LE for a medium
    size) are always an added plus, of course.


    : This popular restaurant just launched a scrumptious new breakfast
    menu served from 9AM till noon: the scrambled egg potions come in many
    varieties with the addition of any topping you’d like such as ham, cheese or
    tomatoes. The salmon scramble consists of runny scrambled eggs sprinkled with
    salmon, served on a crunchy slice of white bread. The pancakes are surprisingly
    delicious: the triple layers hide a medley of fruits including kiwi and banana,
    and are served on a bed of powdered sugar and a healthy side of maple syrup.

    Corniche El Nil/Garden City:

    The Fairmont Nile City: offers a Friday buffet brunch from 1PM till 4PM with
    a fusion of cuisines: aside from an excellent omelette station, fresh pastries
    and refreshing Californian salads, you can also sample dim sum, Peking duck and
    some oriental dishes. A kids’ corner with a special kids’ buffet make this a
    family-friendly event. This is one of the pricier brunches at 198LE, but then
    again; you can have brunch, lunch and dinner with the variety of food available


    Cultural Centre:
    This little joint is located in Mounira (the other side of
    Kasr El Eini Street) and its quaint atmosphere pairs well with the food’s fresh
    quality and reasonable prices. Since the weekends get crowded
    relatively early, you might want to arrive early to claim your seat. Pork
    options are on the menu; a rarity in Cairo. Their delicious crêpes blew us away
    at 11.50LE and above. If you’re a coffee lover, you won’t be let down by their

    6th of October City:

    Seeing as how 6th of October doesn’t necessarily have many brunch
    options, this café in Dandy Mall is convenient for a brunch stop. Quiche
    (approximately 20LE) makes for a comforting snack while other options include
    spot-on French pastries that are rather hard to come by elsewhere in Cairo.

    Cairo/Alex Desert Road:

    Though it’s quite a trek to get there, Designopolis’ restaurant
    The Terrace makes it worth the trip with a delicious brunch served every Friday
    from Noon to 5PM, offering stacks of pancakes swimming in maple syrup and
    blueberry-strawberry compote, eggs Benedict and smoked salmon with dill potato omelette.
    The brunch is priced at 130LE per person.

    And there you have it, Cairo! We’ll keep updating this list regularly as we find many more brunch options in this resourceful city. Enjoy the sun and your lazy brunch!