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Best Date Restaurants in Cairo: Where to Have a Romantic Dinner

Best Date Restaurants in Cairo: Where to Have a Romantic Dinner
written by
Cairo 360
For a perfect date, you need several
factors (apart from the other person, that is): an intimate atmosphere,
seamless service, delicious food and, if possible, a view. Cairo 360 has made
your life a little easier by selecting the best date restaurants in the city,
and divided them into expensive versus affordable options to suit all your
needs. Leave the research to us; and sit back and enjoy the date!

Expensive Dates

The Birdcage: This chic Garden City restaurant’s sedated wooden decor
and dim lighting over cosy tables make The Birdcage perfect for a spicy
Thai dinner. Sure, the sounds from the Semiramis Intercontinental hotel lobby
below do drift up, but the attentive service and tasty amuse-bouches will help
you instantly forget.

Great for: A classy date for Thai
cuisine fans.
Budget: Over 500LE for a three-course meal
for two, alcoholic beverages excluded.

La Maison Blanche: Located inside Giza’s
First Mall, this French restaurant is so refined and sophisticated, it’s
practically required that you dress up to the nines for a meal here. This is
the restaurant you’d bring your date to if you really want to impress them;
it’s hard not to with the restaurant’s opulent interior design elements,
beautifully presented dishes and delicious cuisine.

Great for: An extravagant date where you
want to give your date the most expensive luxuries.

: Minus drinks, a three-course
meal for two can reach up to 800LE.

Asha’s: This newly opened Indian restaurant in Giza is a great option for an intimate, sophisticated
date: the venue’s decor is tasteful, and you can pick between a cosy booth or a
table with a Nile view for your date. 
The food is pricey but sumptuous, and the only fly in the ointment may
be the overly attentive waiters.

Great For: a pristine view of the Nile.

Budget: 600LE for a meal for two. Alcohol
is not served at Asha’s.

The Grill:  The second dining venue at the Semiramis to
make it onto our list, this restaurant is better suited for a more matur
crowd with its wooden undertones and plush carpeting. However, the view of the
Nile is picturesque and their steaks are mouth-wateringly
good. A private dining space is
available and there’s usually a pianist performing smooth jazz tunes.

Great For:  A more sophisticated date for steak fans.

Budget: With alcohol, expect to pay at least 600LE for
two people; tax excluded

Ruen Thai: While this restaurant is more accessible to residents of the Fifth
Settlement, Kattameya and Maadi, it’s still worth the trek to Dusit Thani Hotel
for its tranquil atmosphere and comfortable couches. Authentic Thai dishes are served,
and a list of imported wines includes French, Chilean and Italian wines. Even better, the restaurant has two private
dining spaces that you can rent out for complete privacy.

Great For: A classy date followed by a nice walk through their garden.

Budget: 400LE for dinner for two, tax
and alcohol beverages excluded.

Alto’s Bistro: Located inside of Seasons Country Club, Alto’s Bistro is quite far
for the centrally located patron, but if you’re lucky enough to be in the area,
this is a great spot for a relaxed date. The international menu is a fusion of
eclectic flavours. The restaurant also offers fondue meals for two, offering
pots of cheese, beef, Italian and seafood.

Great for:  Residents of 6th of October and
neighbouring areas who are tired of the commute to Downtown and want a quiet
meal on a terrace.

Budget: Before tax and with alcohol, you
may pay over 500LE for a three-course meal for two.

Fish Makan: Perched directly by the Nile in Zamalek, the
venue has two different seating levels. Fresh seafood is served daily, and the friendly
waiters will insist you try a medley of appetisers. The only downside is that
the restaurant is located between Abdel Wahab and Grizzly Diner, making the
other restaurants’ music and noise a little distracting to your otherwise tranquil Nile view.

Great For: An al-fresco seafood dinner.

Budget: According to your chosen
seafood, a meal for two may reach 600LE. Alcohol is not served.

More Affordable Dates

Nawab: This Zamalek restaurant may not be
sophisticated, but it’s small and cosy, its Indian food is delicious and
affordable, and the waiters are friendly without breathing down your neck

Great For:
A low-key date where you
don’t want to make too much of a fuss.

Budget: Around 200LE for a meal for two.

The Tahrir Table: With a view of Tahrir Square, this new double-level
Swedish restaurant is great for people watching and enjoying the tasty Swedish
cuisine. The restaurant is intimate and quiet, and the cuisine is definitely
different from the usual offerings.
Great For: a more adventurous date in a unique location.

Budget: Under 300LE for a three-course meal for two. No alcohol is provided.

Fuego: This longtime favourite has branches in Maadi and Zamalek
with dim lighting and leather booths guaranteeing a
certain level of privacy. The sushi here is tasty and fresh, and there’s always
an all-you-can-eat deal on for 135LE to 150LE.

Great For: Sushi on a budget.
300LE for two people. No alcohol

Sky Lounge: Perched on the top deck of the Nile Lily boat in Manial, this restaurant definitely lives
up to its name with large white couches, making it irresistibly easy to sink in
and enjoy the view. The international menu includes chocolate-marinated steak
and raspberry lamb chops.

Great For: A boat terrace view of the
Nile in a quiet area of Cairo.

Budget:  400LE for a meal for two if you order the most
expensive items.

Taj El Sultan: Nestled in the heart
of El Hussein, this is a restaurant that must be forgiven for its touristic
decorations and lacking menu. What you get is well-made Egyptian cuisine as
well as a few Indian dishes on a rooftop terrace with a lovely view of Islamic

Great For: a quiet meal after a walk
through Khan Khalili and El Ghouri.

Budget: Expect to pay 250LE for a
three-course meal for two. 

Ahwak Salon De Thé: This pretty restaurant/shisha café in Zamalek blends traditional
Egyptian design elements with a modern flair. The cuisine tastes homemade and
delicious, the fruit juices are freshly blended and the waiting staff are
cordial and amiable.

Great For: A
full-blown meal or coffee with dessert and shisha. 

Budget: A
meal for two can cost under 250LE, excluding alcohol.