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Best Restaurants in Cairo: A Look Back at 2011

Best Restaurants in Cairo: A Look Back at 2011
    written by
    Cairo 360

    2011 has been a prolific year for dining in
    Cairo, with a host of new restaurants opening up all over the city. Sifting
    through the best and the worst, Cairo 360 has deemed the following restaurants worthy
    of your undivided dining attention.

    Adams & Blend

    The people behind Adam’s & Blend have
    taken it upon themselves to unleash that most Turkish of foods, the doner
    kebab, on Cairo. Divided into two sections, Adam’s and then Blend, the Heliopolis
    restaurant provides the perfect oxymoronic meal. After scoffing down a delicious
    doner dish from Adam’s, you can hop over to Blend for a fresh juice or frozen yoghurt.
    The combination of a hearty Turkish dish and the sweet and creative drinks makes
    for perfect comfort food.

    Salon de Thé

    the haters that are calling Ahwak pretentious, because this is one of the best
    eat-and-chill spots to open up in Zamalek in years.  The understated flamboyance of the interior
    had our reviewer feeling like she was in Paris, and everything from the steak
    with red grape sauce to the high tea make this elegant little place a haven for
    any Cairene looking to escape the toil and trouble of Cairo

    Alto’s Bistro

    Situated on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert
    Road inside Season’s Country Club, Alto’s Bistro may be a little out of the way
    for centrally-located Cairenes, but it’s well worth the effort. TV chef Andrew
    Mitchell – of Fatafeet fame- is a perfectionist, and it shows everything from
    the unbelievable tempura mussels, to the Australian prime cuts of beef used in
    their meat dishes. Alto’s Bistro serves up some of the best food we’ve tasted
    all year.


    Only weeks old, Asha’s in Giza has already
    firmly established itself as the go-to place for top quality Indian food. It’s
    not often we’re as impressed with a restaurant as we were with Asha’s before we’d
    even tasted the food. Great service, a view of the Nile and comfortable
    surroundings added to the delicious and eclectic menu. Try the Murgh Makani; we
    guarantee that this delicious buttery chicken dish will immediately become your

    Chop Chop

    There’s only really one place we might
    choose over Asha’s, and that’s its neighbour Chop Chop. While the dilemma of
    choosing one of the two restaurants over the other will have you scratching
    your head till it’s bloody and roar, settling for Chop Chop’s far eastern
    delights will reap no regrets. With a full blown dim sum counter, fresh sushi
    and a wide range of dishes from all over Asia, Chop Chop is perfect for any

    The Grill
    Restaurant and Lounge

    Semiramis InterContinental in Garden City is home to the Grill; an absolutely
    lush restaurant that serves up some of the best French cuisine you’ll find in
    the city. Setting the mood is a pianist who entertains all evening, and you’ll
    find yourself playing up to the grandeur of the whole dining experience.
    Although it’s pretty expensive, one taste of the
    liver terrine will turn you into a careless gourmand. That and the French digestives.

    and Mortar

    Mall of
    Arabia is growing by the week, and one of its best additions by far has been
    restaurant Pestle and Mortar. Its mall setting and modest interior doesn’t do
    it justice; it’s only when you peruse through the menu that you realise that
    this is a serious restaurant. Serving everything from coconut curry and
    prime Angus steak to grilled shrimp konafa, the creativity and innovation of
    the menu is something to admire, as is the liquid nitrogen ice cream and the
    huge amounts of vegan-friendly dishes.

    Pizza Mia

    This petite Italian spot in Zamalek has
    gathered somewhat of a cult following, and with its delicious pizza and
    authentic pasta dishes, it’s no wonder. The mixed bruschette and garlic bread
    had our reviewer swooning with delight, and the atmosphere of the restaurant is
    so laid back that you’ll want to spend all night in there. Residents of Zamelek
    have been truly blessed.

    Ruen Thai

    Our only
    other hotel-based choice is the Dusit Thani Lakeview’s Ruen Thai. Although the
    hotel in Fifth Settlement has been under construction in one way or another throughout
    the year, this thankfully has had no bearing on Ruen Thai’s serenity, luxury
    and delicious food. Spicy Thai dishes, an impressive selection of imported
    wines, a candle lit terrace and a gorgeous garden makes this an unbeatable spot
    for a classic romantic evening date.

    Lebanese Bistro

    Another restaurant
    that shouldn’t be judged by the fact that it is in a mall. Firstly, said mall
    is Nile City Towers- not shabby at all. Secondly, Zeitouna Lebanese Bistro has
    fused the best of classic Lebanese cuisine with some imaginative twists. The
    grilled meats are seasoned like nothing else you’ll ever taste, as is the
    hummus and the Lebanese lemon-sausage appetisers. We also recommend the
    Frankenstein-creations that are the halawa and om ali ice creams. Those
    desserts sum up the restaurant pretty well, in that it has brought together
    high-end dining and good, simple, hassle-free food perfectly.

    Honourable mentions:

    The Tahrir Table is the only Swedish
    restaurant we know off and Express by Mo in Dandy Mall is cheap, healthy and uses
    touch screen computers to allow eaters to order for themselves. Raj at the
    Fairmont Heliopolis and Towers does great high-end curries, while Fas’hat Somaya
    is a quaint little back-alley restaurant in Downtown Cairo that serves up delicious
    Egyptian dishes.