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Blaze and Ayadina Have Opened in Sahel

Blaze and Ayadina Have Opened in Sahel
written by
Alicia Yassin

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re neck deep in Sahel Season, as Cairenes drop everything and hightail it to Sahel at every opportunity possible. We’ve seen some of the most popular names on the restaurant and café scene head north, but one of this year’s most popular culinary migrations has come at the hands of two of Cairo’s most popular venues: Blaze and Ayadina Lebanese Restaurant.

Opening under one roof in Telal, this seasonal set-up offers the best of both worlds – Ayadina’s trademark authentic Lebanese eats and the infectious Blaze atmosphere that has made it one of the most popular and visited cafes in Heliopolis – as well as its signature burgers, of course.

This summer, though, Ayadina is going one step further in offering some rather unique breakfast options, including classic feteer meshaltet with honey and cream (yum), as well as the restaurant’s homemade mesh. On the other side of this holiest of collaborations, Blaze is pulling al the stops for the ultimate shisha experience with some exclusive options.

And just to add the cherry on top of this Sahel sundae, they offer delivery – so forget eating gandofli on the beach; the new ‘thing’ is eating mana’eesh by the beach. Yeah. Call 01064499914 for delivery.