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Breakfast & Brunch: Delicious Food & Great Ambience at These Maadi Venues

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Breakfast & Brunch: Delicious Food & Great Ambience at These Maadi Venues
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We can’t think of anything that’s more important than a hearty breakfast, nor can we think of any place more ideal for this meal than Maadi. As such, we have decided to bring together these two in this listicle. 

Lucille’s Mermaid Columbus

This cozy Maadi spot has been popular for so long. The ambiance is brilliant and the food is delish, Lucile’s is the perfect spot for pancakes and waffles.


The masters of street food offer brilliant oriental breakfast options, and they’re available all day. Get all your foul, shakshouka, falafel, and mish needs satisfied at Kazouza.

Desoky & Soda

As Kazouza tries to claim the title for best oriental breakfast in town, Desoky & Soda rise as contenders. Aside from foul, shakshoka, and sandwiches, they have brilliant breakfast tawagens, in case you’re looking for dishes on the heartier side. 


Mastering the art of Lebanese dining, Caracas have also mastered Lebanese breakfast. They have a brilliant variety of Mezze, Pastries, and Manoushehs for a filling and satisfying morning meal.


Pancakes, crepes, sourdough toast, eggs, baked goods. In other words, everything you’d need for breakfast is served up at Ovio.

Frank & Co

Exquisite breakfast and brunch options, Frank & Co offers a number of breakfast options, but their egg casseroles definitely take the limelight.

Ralph’s German Bakery

This brilliant breakfast spot made its way to Maadi, bringing with it its usual class. It is is truly one of the best spots for breakfast in town.

Il Mulino

Il Mulino offers a stunning variety of egg toppings to keep things fresh. Their pastries are also quite delish.


Located on 213, in close proximity to Diwan and Crave, you have to go up a small flight of steps to the front door of Marny’s. Once you walk inside, you immediately realise how charming this place is, not to mention the fact that it is ideal for breakfast.