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Breeze: Calming Pool-Side Restaurant & Lounge at Katameya Heights

  • Inside Katameya Heights Golf & Tennis Resort
  • International
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Aliaa Serry
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Breeze: Calming Pool-Side Restaurant & Lounge at Katameya Heights

Having been a staple for many of New Cairo’s residents for years, Breeze’s laid back summery feel paired with its overall ambiance of sophistication have helped make it quite a timeless venue.  Overlooking the clubhouse’s pool at Katameya Heights, and boasting a calm air, the lounge almost gives visitors the feel of being anywhere but in the busy capital.

Upon arrival, our waiter led us to the table we had already reserved a day earlier, with menus already laid on it. With calmative lighting, and comfy bright coloured furnishing made up of cosy couches and low chairs, the venue immediately induced a feeling of relaxation.

Before delving into our menus, we went for a few shishas, ordering the Blueberry (36 LE), and Vanilla-Coconut (43LE) flavours. They arrived within a few minutes and were quite wispy and delightful, yet coal maintenance was only properly done when we constantly called on the waiter.

Breeze’s menu is, for the most part, inspired by Lebanese/Syrian cuisine and features some of its signature dishes including Tabouleh, Fattoush, Mesahab and Mutabel amongst others. For appetizers, we went for Labneh (27LE), Hummos Jabali (35LE), and Tomiya (25LE). As for our main dishes, we went for Shish Tawook with a side of French Fries (66LE), Arayes (50LE).

Our appetisers arrived within countable minutes, accompanied by two hefty bread baskets filled with freshly baked Baladi bread. The Labneh was creamy, topped with marinated olives and olive oil, while the Hummos was dense, topped with whole chickpeas and olive oil- both were heavenly. The Tomiya as also quite delicious and had just the right amount of garlic.

Arriving right by the time we were scrapping our appetizers clean, our main dishes were a whole other story of pure of scrumptiousness. The Shish Tawook, featuring well-marinated chicken pieces that were grilled to perfection, was bursting with flavour, and the fries were non-oily and crisp and came in an adequate serving. The Aarayes were, featuring grilled meat enveloped in thin pastry, were equal parts satiating and light.

All in all, Breeze has definitely managed to maintain its level of both quality food, and satisfying service. The waiters were always alert, and polite yet amicable and the food was well-presented and boasted freshness. Sure, the prices may be a bit steep, considering the 200 LE minimum charge, but the venue definitely delivered. 

360 Tip

Reservations are highly recommended; call 02-2758-0512.

Best Bit

The Labneh and Shish Tawook definitely stole the show, as did the venue’s pretty décor. 

Worst Bit

You’ll be splurging due to the minimum charge.

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