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Cairo 360 Editor’s Choice Awards 2014: Asian Cuisine Awards

Cairo 360 Editor’s Choice Awards 2014: Asian Cuisine Awards
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Cairo 360

Though readily available around restaurants in Cairo, there are too few instances in which one can contentedly give a thumbs-up to a dinner of Asian cuisine in the capital. Maybe it’s the intricacies of the spices. Maybe it’s the endless dish variations. Maybe it’s the weird and wonderful combinations that continue to baffle kitchens in Egypt.

We say all of this, of course, with heavy hearts; there are, however, several restaurants in Cairo that have mastered the fine art of Asian dining. From sushi to Thai, one would be hard-pressed to find exotic cuisine that is so readily loved. These are the Cairo 360 Editor’s Choice Awards choices for the best in the city.


Formerly know as Spice, the Four Seasons Nile Plaza’s 8 is unlike any Asian restaurant in the country. Offering unique Cantonese and Chinese dishes, impeccable service, intricate decor and a stunning Nile view, this is a restaurant for the purists – Asian food done authentically.

Asia Bar

The many restautants located aboard the many boats around Cairo often get a bad rap – and often, rightly so. But amongst the many Nile-side restaurants in the city, Asia Bar continues to stand as one of the best Asian restaurants – perfect for big group outings or small, intimate dinners, alike.


Like so many others, Thai cuisine is poorly represented in Cairo – a hole that Intercontental Semiramis’ Birdcage has been filling for years. Elegant, inviting and with fantastic food, Birdcage holds an intangible prestige like no other restaurant in Cairo.


From the brains behind Sequoia and Left Bank, Mirai is already a hit amongst diners despite its still relatively young existence. With a concise yet varied menu covering a range of foods from Asia, this is one restaurant that takes fine dining seriously.

Saigon Restaurant & Lounge

While the majority of patrons frequent Fairmont Nile City’s Saigon for its weekly entertainment program, the real magic happens behindthe scenes, where the kitchen delivers some truly remarkable and creative Asian-fusion dishes. Saigon is possibly Cairo’s best kept secret.


There are few types of food that have gripped Cairo diners like sushi has over the past few years. The Intercontinental Citystars’ Shogun, however, stands as one of the best, offering a mix of authentic and Westernised sushi, as well as an endlessly entertaining Teppanyaki station.


Maadi is blessed with an eclectic range of restaurants, but recently opened Asian eatery, ZENTRO, has already emerged as a favourite with locals, offering Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Korean cuisines. Rarely does a restaurant with such a varied menu execute their dishes so well.

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