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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2019: The Best Specialist Cuisine Restaurants in Cairo

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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2019: The Best Specialist Cuisine Restaurants in Cairo
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Cairo 360

We are not restauranteurs ourselves, but we believe that it’s easier for anyone who owns a restaurant to offer a random range of crowd-pleasing tastes that we’ll have everyone coming back. On this list, we are introducing the venues whose owners have managed to focus on one cuisine, and offer it in its finest form.                                                                      


Besides being one of the few places that offer an authentic European experience, Ovio’s steady pace of consistency is something worth acknowledging. It’s no wonder that the place has managed to branch out, and become an all-time favourite to many.

Little Ovio:

Just when we thought we could get rid of our addiction to Ovio, its owners plotted another scheme to get us hooked, but this time with Little Ovio; Zamalek’s new shrine for coffee and bakery lovers and a little piece of heaven on earth for the needy Bagles addicts.

Tabla Luna:

The Latin-American restaurant knows how to capture the essence of the region’s culture; be it in the colourful and energetic setting, or the authentic tastes it serves.


A cynic would say that, since the Egyptian cuisine has a number of Turkish-inspired dishes, there’s no need to explore the already-trodden lands. We’re here to tell you that Osmanly’s authentic Turkish dishes have nothing to do with what we’ve tasted before. It’s one of the very few restaurants to earn a perfect score on our website.


We’ve had a couple of hit and miss experiences with Gringo’s before, especially when it was a delivery-only restaurant. However, our dine-in visit to Gringo’s in Maadi had us changing our minds, restoring our faith in the restaurant as one of the best Mexican food places in town.


Craving beef souvlaki, or a juicy chicken gyro? There’s nowhere else head to but Seecoz at New Cairo’s The Waterway, or Lakeyard if you happen to be in Sahel. Other than its delicious range of Greek eats, the place’s quality is always consistent, and that’s what makes it a personal favourite.