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Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2024: Healthy Dining Award Winners

Cairo 360 Editors' Choice Awards ECA ECA 2024 healthy dining
Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2024: Healthy Dining Award Winners
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Rawya Lamei

Those of us who love dining out but don’t want to over-indulge always find ourselves at a crossroads. Finding a restaurant that offers healthier options that actually taste good can be a truly challenging feat. Luckily, though, we’ve compiled a list of places all across the capital that offer yummy food that won’t upset your stomach (or the scale)!



Between delicious wraps, hearty bowls, genuinely good salads, and incredible smoothies, Freshii is a Toronto-based eatery that has made its way to Zamalek and our hearts.



This list would be incomplete without Lychee. An iconic spot for all things healthy, Lychee has become a fan-favourite thanks to its delicious smoothies. Their mouthwatering bowls, wraps, and salads are simply to die for, and their homemade yoghurt has become a staple in our fridges!



Yet another iconic iconic stop for smoothies, Lyfe offers much more than that. Their delicious breakfast options are light, filling, and craving-satisfying, though the rest of their menu is also incredible!



Açai is one of those foods that should get more love here in Egypt. Despite being lesser known, açai bowls are absolutely to die for, and AÇAIRO craft them to perfection! Despite açai being their speciality, their menu is very diverse and absolutely amazing!


Copa Açaí

Copa Açaí has truly brought açai to the mainstream here in the capital. While it remains pretty underrated, Copa Açaí has managed to bring delicious and healthy açai bowls to the Cairene public, earning its spot as one of the best healthy dining outlets in the city.



Be AÇAÍ brings Cairo – in the words of their reviewers – tropical bliss. Yet another açai place that deserves much more love, Be AÇAÍ should be your go-to spot for plant-based, gluten and dairy-free, and yummy açai bowls.


Parà Bowls

Specialising in superfood bowls and smoothies, Parà Bowls is the perfect place to get a refreshing and healthy snack.



This eatery, owned by two food-loving sisters, is an incredible spot for dining out. Their highly comprehensive menu features everything from sandwiches to pastas and authentic local delights. Their delicious offerings also include healthier options, so no one misses out on a night out at Foufa’s!


Vegan in Our House

This Maadi-based restaurant is perfect for those who don’t want animal-based dishes. Whether you’re a vegan, fasting, or simply miss a good vegetable-based meal, Vegan in Our House is an excellent spot for healthy, plant-based dishes.