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Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2024: International Cuisine Award Winners

Cairo 360 Editors' Choice Awards ECA ECA 2024
Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards 2024: International Cuisine Award Winners
written by
Rawya Lamei

Among our favourite places to eat out as Cairenes are the many incredible international cuisine restaurants. Whatever you may be craving, you simply can’t go wrong with International restaurants. This comprehensive Editor’s Choice Awards list is dedicated to these places which have stolen our hearts – and palates.


​​Mo Bistro

Who doesn’t love Mo Bistro? As one of Cairo’s most popular restaurants, Mo Bistro has been a go-to spot since it first opened back in 2002, and it’s perfect for any occasion. Whether for a night out with the girls or guys, lunch with the family, or even a romantic date night, the ambience at Mo Bistro is just as immaculate as the food.



Here’s a place we can’t get enough of… Ted’s, famous for its scrumptious pizza and pancakes (among other yummy delights), is high on our list of favourite places to eat out in Cairo. Their quality is consistent across all their branches, and it is hands down one of the best international cuisine spots in the city.


Estro Ristorante

Perched on a beautiful rooftop in Maadi, Estro offers some of the best Italian food that Cairo has to offer. Between their pasta, risotto, bruschetta, and stunning view, we can genuinely think of no better setting to spend the night out.



Gaby’s is, without a doubt, an iconic lunch and dinner spot in Point 90 Mall. From great food to great vibes, and not to mention football matches constantly on screen, Gaby’s truly deserves a place on this list.


Good Stuff Eatery

We can honestly think of no better place to grab a burger and a milkshake. Good Stuff Eatery brings, as the name suggests, some of the best all-American treats to Cairo – and we know how difficult it is to find US diner-worthy burgers and milkshakes in Egypt.


U Bistro & Bar

Specialising in Mediterranean fine dining, U Bistro is the perfect resto-bar to hit for a night out with your friends in the iconic Zamalek district.



Binge has become one of the most sought-after resto-bars in New Cairo for their hearty and delicious food, as well as their masterful cocktails. Located in Garden 8 Mall, you’ll want to make Binge your next destination for a night out.



Yet another amazing resto-bar in Zamalek, Aperitivo offers much more than delectable food. Their ambience is simply unmatched and makes for the perfect night out.


Clams and Claws

Clams and Claws has become a staple in the seafood scene here in Cairo. Despite us Egyptians typically preferring the more local and traditional seafood dishes, Clams and Claws stands out as a place that can easily compete with our favourite Egyptian seafood eateries (and maybe even beat them?).


Frank & Co

Maadi’s Road 18 is home to some of our favourite eateries here in Cairo, and Frank & Co is no exception. Between the delicious food and the energetic ambience, this is a place that you absolutely must try if you haven’t already!


One Oak

Steak and sushi… an odd combination at first glance, but somehow, One Oak makes it work! Their steaks are cooked to perfection, their sushi is absolutely divine, and the ambience is immaculate.



This Korba-based Italian restaurant will forever be iconic. With its stunning location on the historic Bagdad Street in Heliopolis, Pepenero, as you probably already know, has the perfect food to match the view. Their pizza, pasta, tiramisu, and just about everything on the menu, gives Cairo an authentic taste of Italy.



Having become one of our favourite places in 5A by the Waterway, this Lebanese restaurant brings Beirut to the Egyptian capital. Standing out as one of the best Lebanese places out there, everything about Babel screams authenticity.


Pablo & Abdo

Whether you’re craving burgers or feteer, Pablo & Abdo have got your back. This place creatively blends American dining with traditional Egyptian favourites under one roof, making sure that no one misses out!


Villa Belle Epoque

This Maadi staple has our hearts. Villa Belle Epoque has stood the test of time by offering us not only incredible food but the most charming atmosphere imaginable.


Le Flandrin

This authentically French restaurant is the perfect spot for a date night (or any kind of night out, if we’re being honest). Their food is just as divine as the ambience, and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the heart of Paris.


Crimson Bar & Grill

There’s truly no better place to spend a Friday night than Crimson Bar & Grill. In their iconic Zamalek location, you can savour delicious food, whether a traditional Middle Eastern barbecue or something a bit more exotic, with a stunning view of the River Nile.



Turkish cuisine has been on everyone’s radar as of late. Despite formerly being less popular due to the fact that it’s very similar to Egyptian cuisine, we’ve found a great many Turkish places opening over the past few years, bringing us to the realisation that Turkish food is, in fact, unique. Nişantaşi is a place that not only radiates Turkish authenticity but also serves out-of-this-world dishes.



Özel has cemented its position as one of the best places to eat at Garden 8 Mall for New Cairo dwellers. It will transport you all the way to Istanbul with its fresh and delectable dishes, an experience made complete with the fun Turkish music playing in the background.



There can be no such thing as too many Turkish restaurants on this list, which would be incomplete without Bosporus. Between the fresh and delicious food and the inviting and authentic atmosphere, Bosporus is a must-try if you’re looking for an incredible Turkish experience.


Izmir Saray

Self-dubbed as “A taste of Turkey, with a touch of luxury”, this place transports you to the magical coastal city of Izmir. Izmir Saray takes authenticity to a whole new level with its incredible menu and beautiful setting.


Deals Restobar

Here’s another iconic resto-bar located in Zamalek. Deals Restobar is the perfect spot for a good meal, drinks, and a round of billiards with your besties. And if you’re lucky enough to visit during one of their karaoke nights, you’re in for a night to remember!



Yet another iconic Garden 8 Mall spot, Otto is one of the absolute best places to grab an authentic pizza in New Cairo. Not only is a Rome-level quality pizza difficult to come by in Cairo, but places with an atmosphere as cosy as Otto are few and far between.



Amphora is one of those Sheikh Zayed spots that you can’t help but keep coming back to. With its cosy and fun atmosphere and divine dishes, it really is an iconic West Cairo eatery.



Garden 8 Mall has no shortage of restaurants offering the best food in the capital, and Umami is no exception. As the name suggests, you’ll find your mouth watering from all the delectable food, and the atmosphere there is the perfect match for these umami dishes.



With its diverse menu, Arkan’s Norma is one of those places you absolutely must try if you haven’t already. Among the best West Cairo places to grab an authentic Italian dish, this restaurant is definitely iconic.


Maison de Paris

Known to be among the very few places in Cairo to serve escargot, Maison de Paris transports diners straight to the streets of the French capital, known for their charming bistros. Offering an atmosphere that emulates just that, an afternoon out at Maison de Paris will make you forget that you’re in Cairo!


Maison Thomas

This iconic pizza place just doesn’t get tired. Over a century old, having initially opened its doors in 1922, Maison Thomas has offered generations of Egyptians a genuine taste of Rome.



Boasting an atmosphere emulating the feel of an authentic Roman bistro, everything about CaiRoma is simply to die for – from the delicious food to the charming décor.



Creatively blending Peruvian and Japanese cuisines, Barranco is a must-try place for its delicious food, incredible atmosphere, and unique flavours!


Fuego Grill & Sushi Bar


Fuego is hands down one of the best sushi spots all across Cairo. While their Zamalek location is definitely iconic, their Guezira Plaza location in Sheikh Zayed is possibly even better, boasting a larger space and making it the best sushi the capital has to offer.



A criminally underrated spot in Maadi, CinéBar offers delicious food with a cosy ambience that should make it your next go-to spot for nights out in the area.


Casa Talia

If you’re in West Cairo and looking for a perfect breakfast or brunch spot, look no further. Casa Talia, situated in Arkan, will satisfy your every craving.



Located in the luxurious Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo Hotel, Vivo is the perfect setting for a fine dining experience.


Zia Amelia Ristorante Pizzeria

We were initially introduced to this incredible Italian-owned spot in El Gouna’s Downtown area. To call their food sublime is an understatement, and the news of their New Cairo branch in the Royal Sports Club was a real cause for celebration.


O’s Pasta

Having cemented its spot as a staple in the Zamalek dining scene, O’s Pasta is the best place for a much-needed – well – pasta run!


Lavender Restaurant & Lounge

We can think of no cosier lunch spot than Lavender Restaurant & Lounge. Located in New Cairo’s Mountain View, this restaurant should be next on your list of places to eat out!


Le Relais de l’Entrecote

This iconic steak and fries restaurant based in Paris was all the buzz when it opened its first branch here in Cairo. Now that it’s been a few years since opening its doors in New Cairo’s 5A (and having opened another branch in Sheikh Zayed’s Arkan Plazza), it’s safe to say that this authentic French restaurant is still going strong.


Villa Coconut

This list would be incomplete without some of our favourite dining spots in Gouna. Villa Coconut, located in the Downtown area, stands out as the perfect lunch and dinner spot for its mouthwatering food and incredible atmosphere.



There’s no doubt about it: Luma has become a go-to place for hanging out after a day by the beach in Gouna. Between their delicious Middle Eastern dishes, amazing cocktails, and the fun atmosphere and music, we simply can’t pinpoint our favourite thing about this resto-bar!


Moods Restaurants & Beach Club

This OG hangout spot in Gouna’s Abu Tig Marina is one we will never tire of. The ambience is immaculate, with their incredible location by the beach, and the food is – well – in no need of an introduction!


Chez Chantal

A wonderful spot in Gouna dining out with family, Chez Chantal is a Belgian restaurant that stands out as having some of the best seafood you’ll have during your Red Sea escape!