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Cairo Restaurants that Offer Ready-to-Cook and Frozen Editions of their Staples ‎
written by
Dina Mokhtar

Before the Coronavirus outbreak, many Cairenes opted for fast food delivery and takeout, to squeeze in a meal during their fast, busy days. But now that we have the luxury of time, many local restaurants have decided to offer their staples in a ready-to-cook option.

Here’s a list of restaurants that give you the pleasure of exploring your culinary skills, without missing out on your favourite takeout meals:


Fuego were one of the first restaurants to offer this, with a full menu called Premium Retail Menu. It includes the frozen forms of some of the place’s classics, like the Country Fried Chicken Breast (250 gm -60LE), New York Steak (300 gm – 150LE), Salmon Fillet (400 gm -240LE), and more.

If you are in Zamalek, Mohandiseen, Garden City, Dokki, or Downtown, call on 01065524467. For delivery in Maadi, call 01065524466; Sheikh Zayed and October City, 01011009078; while New Cairo, Nasr City and Heliopolis residents must place their order 24-hours in advance on 01025260134.

Check Fuego’s menu here.                                                                                                          

Lulu’s Kitchen:        

Lulu’s Kitchen’s range is not exactly what you can call ready-to-cook items; however, it comes in handy while preparing a meal. The Pantry menu includes a host of marinades, sauces, spreads, and cooking stocks. The only readymade item available is sambousak. Check the menu here.

Order by calling or texting 0111 4442777 on Saturday and Monday.

Smiley’s Grill:

Not only does Smiley’s Grill have a round of Cook-at-Home Kits menu, this venue has an endless list of products that include frozen beef, chicken, seafood, and vegan items, as well as bakery and vegetable options. As for Smiley’s Grill’s list of Cook-at-Home menu, it includes a Fajita Kit (500 gm – 95LE), Chinese Stir-fry Chicken Kit (500 gm of chicken thighs – 100LE); these kits contain 200 gm of mixed veggies that suit each recipe.

Also, burger lovers can enjoy either the 150 gm Burger Kit (95LE), or the 200 gm Burger Kit (120LE), which both include two patties, sesame buns, cheddar cheese, and 200 gm of mixed veggies. You can order through their website, check out the menu here.


Chili’s launched its Cook it at Home menu five days ago, with all-time classic favourites included; from the Oldtimer With Cheese (75LE), Boneless Buffalo Wings (105LE), Buffalo Wings (95LE), SW Egg Rolls (65LE), and Fried Cheese (65LE).

Give them a call on 19002.

Carino’s Pizzeria:

Chili’s sister brand Carino’s Pizzeria offer a host of half-cooked pizzas, including Margherita, Pepperoni, Meat Lovers, Tuna BBQ, and Quattro Formaggi. Each option comes in two sizes, medium and large, with prices ranging between 64.99LE and 124.99LE. Give them a call on 19002. Check the options here.

El Lido:           

El Lido offers two DIY kits; The Big Box (798LE) includes 20 beef patties, 20 buns, and 20 cheese slices, two boxes of pickles, and also a couple of sauces – tahini and chilli mayo sauce. The Small Box offers half the portion at 550LE. Order a day in advance before 5 pm by calling 01277778845.


The Latin cuisine restaurant offers a special menu called Mezcal en Casa, which gathers various marinades, sauces, frozen items, in addition to ready-to-cook empanadas and quesadillas. Mezcal also shares some recipes on its website, where you can also shop for its goodies.

Lord of the Wings:                                          

Lord of the Wings offers its range of chicken wings in a ready-to-cook form, as well as a selection of flatbread options. Check their website for the menu, or give them a call on 16195.


Shocks Burgers:

Shocks Burgers offers the Shocks Box, which comes in two servings; for four people (350LE), including eight patties, eight cheese slices, boxes of lettuce and tomatoes, and four buns, while the one that serves six people includes 12 patties, 12 cheese slices, six buns, plus boxes of lettuce and tomatoes (500LE). The boxes, of course, come with sauces and seasonings. Check the whole lot here.

Kom El Dikka Agri-lodge’s Restaurant:

The Fayoum lodge restaurant, Kom El Dikka offers a host of semi-cooked and frozen items, in addition to a range of fresh produce, and bakery items. Kom El Dikka’s Zamalek premises delivers to Maadi, 6th of October, Zamalek, and New Cairo. Check the delivery schedule here.

Cook Door:            

Cook Door just released a round of semi-cooked items that you can prepare at home. The menu includes classics, like Frisks fries (1 kilo – 50LE), Fried Shrimp (1 kilo – 260LE), Chicken Nuggets (2 Kilos – 180LE), while a kilo of either Chicken panne, Chicken Crunchy, or Mini Chicken Crunchy for 120LE.

Cook Door has a host of family combos that include any of the above chicken and seafood options, in addition to a kilo of Frisks fries, at prices that range between 140LE and 300LE.


Feteera now offers its a range of semi-cooked options that you can easily pop into the oven. The list includes pastrami, sausage, hotdog and cheese, cheese mix, smoked cheese, as well as beef and cheese mix.

You can find them in Seoudi Supermarket, or you can order by calling 16287, or online here.


The Egyptian street eats restaurant offers a ready-to-cook ta’meya (35LE), which you can order through Otlob.


We miss eating out at Ayadina, yet the silver lining is their ready-to-cook menu. Not only is Ayadina offering items like Kebbeh, Cheese Sambousak, Sujouk Shish Barak, Shish Tawook, Kebab, and more.

Check the whole lot here. Place your order by calling 01007043248 – 01017196886 – 01022152717 – 01028117976.


Taboon offers a host of mains, salads that serve up to 4 people, and a classic range of appetisers; Kebbeh, Cheese Sambousak, and Spinach Sambousak.

Place your order by calling 16685, and you can also shop other frozen items from Taboon sister brands, Il Divino Pizzeria, El Torr, and Tavolino. Check their menus here.


Carlo’s offers a menu that gathers various cuisines such as Asian and Italian, in addition to its Lebanese range, which includes Vine Leaves, Mini Mombar, as well as Beef and Cheese Sambousak, Kebbeh, and more.

Check the whole menu here, and place your order by calling 0237966336 – 0237966337 – 0237966338 (October City), and 16690 (New Cairo).


The famed Lebanese restaurant is offering a wide selection of soups, hot and cold mezzehs, pastries, in addition to mains and desserts. Caracas also has various authentic Lebanese staple ingredients on offer, like sumac, thyme, olives, and hot chilli pepper paste.

Check the menu here, and place your order by calling 01097543679 – 01097436567.

The Tap:

The all-time favourite bar offers a frozen edition of its classic wings, which are available with honey BBQ, or buffalo sauce. Give them a call on 01060000865 (The Tap Maadi) – 01060000869 (The Tap East) – 01060000867 ( The Tap West).