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Cairo’s Best Burger Spots!

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Cairo’s Best Burger Spots!
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    A number of years ago, burgers were only on offer at fast food chains and some restaurants making their unimpressive claim for burgers, but today, gourmet burger shacks are filling Cairo’s streets like there is no tomorrow, and we couldn’t be happier. But with so many places to choose from, how can you be sure to eat truly delicious burgers? Thanks to this comprehensive Cairo Burgers Guide, you can!

    Buffalo Burger

    Let’s start off the list with what’s largely considered an Egyptian fast food chain. Buffalo Burger started a long time ago as a delivery-only restaurant, but has now grown to have many branches all around Cairo. While they’re not gourmet burgers, they do offer 100% pure meat patties that are well-spiced and well-cooked. Don’t miss classics such as their Shiitake Mushroom Burger.

    Willy’s Kitchen

    Going a little above fast-food burgers, but still not 100% gourmet as some might say, Willy’s Kitchen offers big burgers. Expect messy burgers that will fall out as you bite in. But aside from the tasty patty and cheese, Willy’s big selling point is there additions, with items such as pomegranate molasses, chilli beef, onion rings, or their preposterous nacho burger covered in crunchy nacho dough.

    Daddy’s Burger

    The brain child of a few dad friends, Daddy’s Burger is midway on its road to stardom in the Cairo burger scene. Famous for their cheese jar, Daddy’s Burger has one of the cheesiest burgers in town, topped with unique additions and powerful flavours.

    The BRGR Truck

    Not yet gourmet, but definitely in gourmet prices, The BRGR Truck offers premium quality sliders at really hefty prices. The truck itself looks quite unique and the packaging, as well as the seating, add much to the experience. As for the burger itself, it has that classic taste of a double cheeseburger with thin, juicy patties, cheese ideally melted, and garnishes on the minimum. Classic burger experience, but what a price to pay.

    Fat Cow

    Offering one of the best burgers in town, Fat Cow has pretty steep prices for its taste. Gourmet burgers, indeed, Fat Cow has perfected the burger patty, making additions more of a luxury than a prominent need. However, if you’re looking to get creative, they offer Build-Your-Own Burger options.

    Now for the Big Boys (AKA, Safe and Delicious Choices)

    A big round of applause for those top spots for remaining reasonably priced, and maintaining excellent quality throughout the years. As the burger scene in Egypt rose to fame, these two were the pioneers of the whole movement.

    Butcher’s Burger offers everything you need from steaks, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, specialty sandwiches (the likes of the Philly Steak and Pulled Brisket), plus appetisers to complete the meal. Everything, and we mean everything, is a home run. The perfect burger experience with possibly the best patties in town, impeccable appetisers – such as the nachos and wings – make this the perfect burger experience.

    Mince reciprocates with its own arsenal of delish meals. They see Butcher’s Burger’s bet and calls it with its own offerings. With a less meaty taste, Mince still offers excellent burger options with more of a focus on toppings. If you’re looking to try a few different items, go for the tiny sliders. Don’t forget to try out some of their specialty appetisers, especially the exquisite Waffle Potato Fries, preferably to be eaten in-house.