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Carlo’s Beach Bar: Breakfast and Brunch by the Beach Done Right

Carlo’s Beach Bar: Breakfast and Brunch by the Beach Done Right
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Cairo 360

We’re neck-deep in that wonderful thing that has come to be known as ‘Sahel Season’, as Cairo’s most exasperated hit the road and head north at every opportunity. But the North Coast has become much more than just a day by the beach and is at its most eclectic in terms of restaurants, bars and other seasonal venues, one of the newest of which is Carlo’s Beach Bar

Carlo’s already has an impressive cult following in Cairo, but this summer, the enduring restaurant and bar setup shop by the beach – and it’s been a hit with beachgoers already.

Located at Telal, Carlo’s Beach Bar sits pretty overlooking the sandy beaches. It’s open for lunch, dinner and drinks, but if you’re to fit it into a busy weekend, then breakfast or brunch is the way to go.

The lunch and dinner menu is impressive enough, offering everything from regional cuisine, to international food, to sushi – but the breakfast menu is what has had visitors salivating.


Putting a chic, high-end spin on things, Carlo’s Beach Bar’s breakfast has something for everyone. Cold mezzahs? Yep. Hot mezzahs? Of course! Feteer? Hell, yes. The menu even has a selection of pizzas and burgers if you’re looking to brunch – the seafood pizza and adorable burger sliders are particularly yummy. If you’re looking for typical beach experience, Carlo’s also offers some very special beach mezzahs, including gandofli and bessaria – because it just wouldn’t be Sahel without gandofli and bessaria. Yum.

Chanelling that soul-cleansing feeling of starting your day with some hearty food with a stunning beach view, Carlo’s Sahel excursions has been a welcome one – fans of Carlo’s in Cairo jumped with joy and giggled in glee when it was revealed that it would open and it’s thus far fulfilled its promise of being a fantastic breakfast spot. Later in the evenings, meanwhile, Carlo’s does the whole nightlife thing with all the suaveness you’d expect of it, with some of the best cocktails you’ll find on the coast.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, our mini shrimp sandwiches, feteer with halawa and gandofli have arrived. For more information and reservations, call Carlo’s Beach Bar at 01000010888.