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Deliciously Shareable: Cairo’s Best Lebanese Restaurants

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Deliciously Shareable: Cairo’s Best Lebanese Restaurants
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Featured image via Tamara Lebanese Bistro



When it comes to big and delicious shareable dishes, few cuisines do it as well as Lebanese. Whether it’s delicious pastries, tajines, or grills, Lebanese food is perfect for a big meal for everyone at the table to share. Today, we’re giving you a quick tour of the best Lebanese restaurants in the Capital.

ILA Café

Much simpler ambiance than most Lebanese restaurants, ILA Café provides a cosy and private setting, with an outdoor area too. Offering a range of delicious food across its menu, ILA Café tops it off with excellent service, fresh ingredients, and appealing presentation.

Taboon Restaurant

Starting off as a small spot in Zamalek, Taboon looked towards Sheikh Zayed for a more spacious venue. Taboon offers brilliant food presentation, and a somewhat unique menu. They also have quite interesting and very tasty desserts.

Lebanese Diner

Going a bit away from the flow as well, Lebanese Diner separates itself with focusing on street Lebanese food, and a few not-so-Lebanese dishes to keep things fresh. You’ll be satisfied with all plates here, and while presentation may not be always top notch, taste is still up there.

Beit El Ezz

With classy decorations, the restaurant uses quirky pieces and mismatched floral designs to keep things hip. Their menu however, is quite classical, but it’s also quite delicious. It offers everything you’d expect from a Lebanese restaurant, and it does it in style.

Tamara Lebanese Bistro

Perhaps one of our favourite Lebanese spots in town, Tamara made a few delicious additions to its already brilliant menu. Whether it’s refreshing drinks, tasty appetisers, filling and flavourful main dishes, or mouthwatering desserts, Tamara has it all.

Tamara Elna

Considered the more hip sister of Tamara Lebanese Bistro, Tamara Elna puts subtle twists on classic Lebanese dishes. Again, you can go for a number of shareable dishes and expect everything to be up to expectations, because it will be.

Enab Beirut

What can we say about this spot? Absolute authentic Lebanese flavours on offer at this cheerful restaurant. Random and colorful designs create a brilliant ambiance with the 90s music playlist. Enab Beirut is perfect for all times of day, and offers consistently delicious dishes throughout their menu.