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Enjoy the Delicacies of the Sea at These Restaurants
    written by
    Sherif Khairy

    When it comes to culinary delights, a lot of foods may have the ability to steal our hearts. But perhaps the closest one to the hearts – and stomachs – of Cairenes is seafood. The freedom of the sea, the big table with shareable dishes, and loved ones gathering around the feast are truly inspiring. Today we’re venturing into the sea world and telling you all about some of the best places in Cairo.

    Ibn Hamido

    Nestled in the bustling streets of Sayeda Zeinab, Ibn Hamido takes you away from the crowds and into a world of delight. They have everything you could wish for; shrimps, lobsters, salmon, squid (calamari), and all the types of fish you’ll need. Aside from brilliant taste, this restaurant is on the more reasonably-priced side.

    Hot & Juicy

    Forget about your usual seafood restaurants; this Sheikh Zayed spot is all about innovation. Seafood is delicious, but it won’t taste that good without the delicious sauce, so Hot & Juicy serve you plastic bags containing the fish you ordered together with a generous amount of sauce. You get to choose the fish type, sauce, and spiciness level, then dive right in and enjoy your meal.

    Dokdok El Samak

    Another restaurant leaning more towards the cheaper side. While Dokdok El Samak is famous for their Seafood Fattah, they have so much more to offer. They offer simple seafood dishes that are quite big in flavour. They’re experts at cooking seafood, and they don’t ask too much buck for their bang.

    Halaket El Samak

    They say the best seafood restaurants in Alexandria are by the sea, so should the best seafood restaurants in Cairo be by the Nile? Halaket El Samak tries to make that claim by situating itself in a prime location in Nile City Boat, affording brilliant Nile views and stunning dishes. They have a whole array of options and are somewhat of a more upscale spot than your average seafood restaurant. Their lemon butter sauce is to die for.

    Fish Market

    One of the biggest seafood restaurants in Cairo, Fish Market has a lot of branches around Cairo and Alexandria. Fish Market is home to a whole lot of flavours and a huge variety of seafood options. Their salads are quite the appetising start to a seafood meal, and the flavours will be quite impressive.

    Sea Gull

    Treading the line between reasonably priced and expensive, Sea Gull is quite averagely priced but is definitely great in flavours. It affords stunning sea views from its Dokki spot, and the cooking is that of expert staff.

    Awlad Ta’ta’

    Imagine eating an array of seafood dishes next to fried chicken liver? That’s exactly what you get at Awlad Ta’ta’. Famous for their quick sandwiches of shrimps, fish, chicken liver, or fried brain, Awlad Ta’ta’ serves up quite a diverse table, but everything you try will be absolutely delicious.

    Bonus Picks: Top Sushi Spots

    If you’re looking for a different seafood experience, don’t miss out on the best Sushi places in town. You can hit Mori Sushi & Grill, one of the first sushi spots in town that offers a humongous array of sushi rolls. Fuego Grill & Sushi is definitely one of the top contenders in the category with fresh ingredients and expertise in the kitchen, and they also have special offers for huge sushi platters for sharing. You can’t miss out on One Oak. It has a reputation for being one of the best steakhouses in town, with quite a flair in rolling up delicious sushi bites. Perhaps their best bit is their brilliant Surf & Turf dish.