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Food Gun Is Bringing out the Big Guns with the Biggest Burgers in Town

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Food Gun Is Bringing out the Big Guns with the Biggest Burgers in Town
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Cairo 360

Burgers have been the talk of the town for quite some time in Cairo. The booming food industry has been largely based on burger inventions of all kinds. From gourmet burgers, to fast food burgers, to international burger chains seeking to tap into the Egyptian market, we’ve been up to our knees in burger restaurants. One burger shop that’s not shying away from the challenge of a full market is Food Gun, a new contender in the burger industry.

Food Gun decided to smother their burgers with sauces, cheese, and the usual add-ons, giving the bun a full load and ensuring overwhelming flavours with every bite. Another thing they’re doing is giving eaters more control over the size of the burger, but it’s like giving a kid a loaded handgun, pun intended.

The fully loaded burgers at Food Gun come in four sizes: the Normal Single Patty, the Bit-Extra Double Patty, the Challenging Triple Patty, and the humongous, insane, absolutely illogical Quadro with four burger patties, making it almost impossible to bite in to.

Moreover, they have hot dogs with various additions, as well as a number of delicious side items: mostly fries with a variant selection of sauces and cheeses. They also offer a mix of Egyptian and International desserts as well as soft drinks, hot drinks, and shakes.

Gaining fame for their more-than-a-mouthful burgers, Food Gun has managed to open two branches after just one year in the Egyptian food industry, soon to be followed by a third. In addition to their first two in Heliopolis and Mohandessin, they’re also opening a new branch in Nasr City.

We can’t seem to get enough of burger shacks, or at least those shacks that have a new thing to add to the scene. So to all restaurant creators, keep bringing on the good stuff.

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