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Fried Chicken Spots in Cairo: Sandwiches Edition

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Fried Chicken Spots in Cairo: Sandwiches Edition
    written by
    Nada Wahba

    Fried Chicken is known to be one of the dishes that doesn’t just satisfy the stomach, but fulfils the soul. It also comes in a variety that suits many tastes, one of which combines the best of both worlds; carbs and protein. Fried chicken sandwiches are hearty yet decadent and light, if done correctly, you’ll end your meal on a full stomach, without the oily aftertaste. It is the combination of a well breaded, marinated chicken cutlet, as well as the dressing, including the salad and sauce, and the bun that brings the sandwich together and makes it quite enjoyable to all the hungry stomachs out there. Whether you like it drenched in sauce, crispy, or plain vanilla (AKA Mayo), we kept count of the fried chicken sandwiches spots that are worth the calories. 

    Chicken ‘n’ Ribs

    In the name, Chicken and Ribs specialises in mouth watering chicken dishes and sandwiches with a variety that you can choose from. The popular Nashville style chicken sandwich takes the cake! The juiciness of the chicken remains intact as well as its breading, with the Nashville sauce slathered on top, giving it the perfect kick. They also have a couple other fried chicken sandwiches with garlic mayo and honey mustard. Check them out on their Instagram page here.  


    Mainly known for their eccentric beef burger creations, Shocks also serves a great fried chicken sandwich! While they only have one specialty of fried chicken sandwich, they don’t need another option. The chicken is golden fried and dressed with their smooth cheese and acidic sauce that transforms the sandwich into a light bite. Check out their menu on their Instagram page here

    The Burgest 

    It is unofficially known that the shorter the menu, the better the quality, which is the main concept that The Burgest introduces. Known for their burger selection, The Burgest also serves great fried chicken sandwiches, two in specific. They have a spicy buffalo one, and a crispy chicken one with their special sauce. The chicken is served in a slider bun, which is perfect so you can have a couple at a time! Check them out on Instagram here


    We know this is an odd option to add since it’s considered a fast food option, however, Arby’s chicken sandwiches are top notch! Their buffalo chicken could be one of the most popular options on their menu, as it should be. It’s quite spicy though, so don’t say we didn’t warn you! Their ranch sauce is creamy and cuts through the kick of the buffalo sauce, and the bun soaks in the dressing so the chicken remains crispy. Give them a go, and check out their menu on their Instagram page here


    Serving burgers and hotdogs with a twist, Burdogz has a menu dedicated to their chicken sandwiches that are quite the mouthful, literally, the burger is the size of your head! Their fried chicken sandwiches selection is creative, where they add mozzarella sticks in their burger as well as a different array of sauces that you can choose from according to your preference. Check them out on their Instagram page here.