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Got Calzone? A Dozen Places that Serve this Neapolitan Oven-Baked delight in ‎Cairo

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Got Calzone? A Dozen Places that Serve this Neapolitan Oven-Baked delight in ‎Cairo
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Nelly Ezz

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Calzone is meant to be eaten with one hand; functioning as a ‘walk-around pizza’. This Italian style turnover is formed by folding a full-size pizza, shifting it into a hybrid of half-pizza, half-sandwich – the best of both worlds if you ask us. It is supposed to be one of the most convenient ways to eat Italian food, but here in Cairo, it is considered to be a bit fancier than “walk around food”. Just like their Italian cousin, the calzone originated in Naples, Italy, in the 18th century and has been around ever since.

Here are twelve places around our capital to get a taste of this oven-baked Italian invention:

  1. Gigi Burger Bar

One of Arkan Mall’s most prominent bars, Gigi’s has been a regular hang out for Sheikh Zayed residents for some years now. Amongst their great assortments of dishes and appetisers, their pizza menu is quite fascinating with the Nu Calzone as the crowd-pleaser. For only 165LE, you get mascarpone cheese with Nutella oozing from a perfectly baked Calzone – who said you can only have savoury calzones.

  1. CaiRoma

Uniquely situated in Bab El-Louk, Downtown, CaiRoma opens its doors 3 p.m. every day. But the good thing is, they make any pizza flavour into a calzone; Funghi, Vegetarian, Salami, Frutti De Mare, Pollo, you name it – all ranging from 80LE-110LE.

  1. Il Loft

This Italian-style restaurant boasts an incredible selection of Italian favourites. It first opened in Sheikh Zayed in Arkan Mall then made its way to the Waterway in New Cairo. More importantly, their calzone is made with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, brie, sausages, onions, green pepper and fresh basil for 145LE – talk about a bargain.

  1. Spaghi Spaghetteria

You can tell from the name that this place is Italian with tons of Italian specialities on offer. Their pizza sandwich fusion is on offer for a decent 89.95LE. You can find them in Al Guezira Plaza in Sheikh Zayed, and open daily at noon.

  1. Vinny’s Pizzeria

This American-styled Pizzeria is located in Zamalek and Maadi, starting daily at 11:30 a.m. They are quite famous for their Pizza Cake; however, they also serve calzone; the Vegetarian for 68LE, and the Mexican Chicken or Meat for 75LE.

  1. Ten 11 Pizzeria

They actually have 12 different types of calzone; from chicken and hotdog to smoked turkey and vegetarian – basically anything you can think of. Their prices start from 55LE and go up to 100LE. Find them at the Courtyard Zayed Business Park in Sheikh Zayed.

  1. Sapori Di Carlo

This Italian joint took Zamalek by storm, boasting an astonishing array of Italian flavours. You can catch them daily starting 11:30 a.m. Who would want to miss a calzone made with homemade mozzarella, tomato sauce, homemade ricotta, salami, fresh cherry tomato, rucola, and parmesan cheese? No one would.

  1. Il Divino Pizzeria

With branches in Sheikh Zayed, Heliopolis, Zamalek and Maadi, you can understand that their artisanal pizza is not to be missed. Luckily, they also have two calzones on offer: the Carnivorous for 125LE and the Vegeteriano for 115LE- definitely worth a try!

  1. Andiamo Pizza Garden & Bar

Well, this pizza garden and bar actually serves a Ham Calzone for 190LE along with the Funghi for 145LE and the Pepperoni for 165LE – sounds interesting. You can find Andiamo in Heliopolis from 1 p.m., Sheikh Zayed from  4 p.m., and New Cairo from noon.

  1. Don Corleone Pizzeria

This pizzeria serves two sizes of their calzone; 64LE for the medium and 94LE for the large, both made with tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushroom, salami and olives. They start around noon daily and close around midnight – give them a try if you’re in Zamalek and up for a calzone.

  1. Maison Thomas

One of Cairo’s pizza pioneers, this renowned pizzeria serves the original calzone in three sizes: small for 54.90LE, regular for 89.90LE, and large for 119.90LE. Add whatever toppings you want to add for an extra charge. Give them a try in any of their branches in Al Rehab City, Heliopolis, Zamalek, or New Cairo.

  1. Pepenero

It opens every day at noon in Korba, Heliopolis with an extensive Italian menu. Their 140LE calzone is made with tomato sauce, Italian buffalo mozzarella, mushroom, turkey, and black olives- Yum!