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Goût de France: The Smokery Takes Part in Global Celebration of French Cuisine

Goût de France: The Smokery Takes Part in Global Celebration of French Cuisine
written by
Cairo 360

“Talking about French cuisine is also talking about joie de vivre, delicacy, optimism, and pleasure— ideas that are all crucial to the image of France,” said legendary French chef, Alain Ducasse.

 It’s a sentiment that rings very true with the French; food is as much an art as anything, as the annual global celebration of French cuisine, Goût de France / Good France, shows – with this year one of the few Egyptian restaurants included being the Smokery.

But what is Goût de France / Good France?

Well, it really is more of a celebration than it is an event, so to speak; one that sees French food of the highest order served simultaneously at all participating restaurants. Landing this year on Monday 21st of March, over 1,700 are said to be taking part across all five continents with the Smokery proudly putting their Consultant of Gastronomy, Chef Vincent Guillou, forward as their representative in what is a considered a huge event for French cuisine.

Guillou is of course no stranger to foodies of Egypt; he’s a man that has been behind some of the most lavish, French-inspired menus in the country and his work with the Smokery has certainly been a fruitful one. Considered to have one of the best kitchens on Cairo’s restaurant scene, the Smokery has been a driving force in fine dining since its opening and its continued success has seen the name appear and impress in El Gouna and the North Coast. Participation in the fête of French food that is Goût de France / Good France only further cements its position as one of the best in the country and a fitting representative to pay tribute to French cuisine.

The five-course dinner will be served from 8PM. For more information, call 01026019175 or click here.