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Grand Nile Tower’s Ramadan Festivities Have You Covered for an Unforgettable Gathering

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Grand Nile Tower’s Ramadan Festivities Have You Covered for an Unforgettable Gathering
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Of course, we can’t wait for Ramadan’s long procession of gatherings to begin. However, when it comes to planning any of these outings, one can’t help but get the blues; it’s far from easy to create a get-together, where every single guest leaves the table with a smiling face and a satisfied stomach.

Luckily, many venues around the city are fully prepared to serve you a hassle-free gathering that caters to all tastes, and Grand Nile Tower Hotel, with its long list of culinary outlets, happens to be one of them.

Enjoy a lavish Iftar with a spectacular Nile view at El Sakya Souk, whose set menu (350LE++ per person) offers a wide range of Oriental classics, as well as a diversity of international staples. At the same price, Nubian Village’s set menu boasts a selection of Lebanese delights that comes in a wrap of live entertainment; an oriental band plays different tunes every night from 10.00 PM to 1.00 AM.

Alternatively, Marquise Boat celebrates Ramadan with a colourful Iftar buffet, which gathers a host of sweet and savoury Oriental classics. When it comes to Sohour, all of Grand Nile Tower’s outlets offer an a la carte menu that includes an array of all-time favourites. If you’re only craving Ramadan desserts and a drink, then look no further than Delices Café, which offers a vast selection of Oriental desserts, pastries, and beverages.

If you’re going big with your outing, we are talking about outings between 25 to 900 guests, no worries; Grand Nile Tower’s various venues, ballrooms, and Marquise Boat are ready to host your event, offering a couple of set menus, one for Iftar and another for Sohour.

Grand Nile Tower’s Iftar set menu for large groups comes at an all-inclusive price of 400LE per person, including various Ramadan beverages, nuts, dried fruits, appetizers, and soups. The main course is a mixed grill, served with rice, vegetables, as well as a selection of tajines, and of course, oriental desserts and tea with mint. As for Sohour (all-inclusive 260LE per person), the set menu boasts a range of classic beverages, all-time oriental Sohour items like fava beans and eggs, a variety of appetizers, in addition to an assortment of desserts, served with coffee or tea.

See? Grand Nile Tower has made it easy for you to organise your Ramadan outings. All you need to do now is contact Grand Nile Tower on 202-2365-1234, or via e-mail: