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Guilty Pleasure: These Venues Will Satisfy Your Fried Chicken Cravings

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Guilty Pleasure: These Venues Will Satisfy Your Fried Chicken Cravings
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Lovers of red meat have been getting all the attention when it comes to restaurants. While most new food spots focus on burgers and steaks, a lot of people are in great need for some fried chicken love. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the best fried chicken and chicken burger spots in Cairo for all you chicken lovers out there. This is your chance to show your friends just how good chicken can be, take them to any of the spots on this list and they’ll know what’s what.

Kansas Fried Chicken

Taking the same initials as KFC, Kansas Fried Chicken tried to dethrone the reigning fried chicken spot with its own unique blend of spices. Appetisers are quite appetising at Kansas, and they’re very adept at creating delicious fried chicken pieces, plus some truly delish fried chicken burgers.

Chicken & Ribs

When it comes to comfort food, nothing quite compares to excellent fried chicken. So if you’re looking for that style of comfort, do not miss out on Chicken & Ribs. The sister restaurant of Butcher’s Burger offers American style fried chicken with the waffles and all. One bite into their fried chicken pieces and you’ll be addicted to their taste.

Zack’s Fried Chicken

Adored by Sheikh Zayed residents, this hot spot is home to delicious chicken burgers and other chicken dishes. Aside from its great taste, Zack’s is famous for its quite reasonable prices, which is why it’s usually filled with chicken lovers coming and going.

Chicken Fil-A

If you’re looking for something a bit messier, then Chicken Fil-A is the way to go. Offering grilled chicken, fried chicken, and fried stuffed chicken burgers. The options are endless when it comes to toppings, and they’re all crazily delish. But if you’re looking for the big bang, try their Chickenizza, which substitutes fried chicken for the pizza dough, and puts everything else right on top.

Willy’s Kitchen

The perfect compromise for meat and chicken lovers. Willy’s Kitchen is one of the few places in Cairo that offer chicken burgers standing on par with their beef burgers. They have a number of excellent chicken burger selections, but really take it home with their Nacho Chicken Burgers.

Dirty Byrd

Taking fried chicken to higher levels, this premium fast food restaurant offers some of the best tasting chicken in the whole of Cairo. It has its own unique atmosphere, and a host of chicken sandwiches and appetisers to suit all tastes. Chicken lovers should not miss this spot in Heliopolis.