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Halaket El Samak: Casseroles Taste Better in Company

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Halaket El Samak: Casseroles Taste Better in Company
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In this day and age, life’s tempo is too fast to have the luxury of gathering around a table to enjoy a meal with your family, or even with friends and workmates. Knowing that food tastes better in company, seafood restaurant Halket El Samak came up with a family platter, Sharwet El Samak, which is sure to gather you all around the table, wherever you are.

Whether at home, in the office, or among the restaurant’s warm, friendly ambience, Sharwet El Samak, which gathers an array of scrumptious seafood delights, caters to all tastes. Serving four persons, the platter includes four seafood soups, a selection of baladi, eggplant and roe salads, in addition to fried and grilled mullet, as well as a selection of calamari, clams, mussels, crabs, and shrimps. Sharwet El Samak, which also comes with bread and rice, includes some of Halket El Samak’s signature oven-baked casseroles, like the renowned Shrimp Molokheya, Alexandrian Calamari, and white sauce Pasta.

Speaking of casseroles, the restaurant is hosting Tawagen Festival, offering a range of delicious casseroles; from Red Sauce Shrimp Kofta, Shrimp Curry, and Calamari Lemon Butter Sauce, to Shrimp Fattah and Paella. In addition, Halket El Samak introduces various white sauce items to the menu, for all the white sauce lovers out there.

The best thing about the experience is that no matter where you are, you’ll find a nearby Halket El Samak, whether you are in Zamalek, Heliopolis, Porto Cairo, or even in Sahel or Sokhna. Just bring your company and Halket El Samak will take care of it.