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Hilton Cairo Heliopolis Celebrates Egypt’s Culinary Goodness at Egyptian Night Restaurant ‎

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Hilton Cairo Heliopolis Celebrates Egypt’s Culinary Goodness at Egyptian Night Restaurant ‎
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No matter how much we indulge ourselves with the colourful spectrum of cuisines that Cairo offers, there will always a part of us that craves a wholesome, authentic feast of Egyptian goodness. Celebrating the authentic taste of Egypt, luxury hotel Hilton Cairo Heliopolis celebrates our traditional Egyptian cuisine through its very own restaurant, Egyptian Night.

Offering true tastes from the land of the Nile, amid a setting that mirrors the Egyptian culture, the restaurant’s outdoor area sees a live Oriental band taking to the stage every day, in addition to a belly-dance performance that takes place every Monday, Thursday, and Friday.

Hilton Cairo Heliopolis’ Egyptian Night opens its doors daily from 6.00PM to 3.00AM. Head Chef, Sayed Dahshoury, and his enthusiastic team of Egyptian chefs deliver an authentic daily journey with various delicious delights from the menu.

Speaking of which, Egyptian Night’s extensive menu comprises an array of soups, hot & cold starters, fava beans items, Egyptian grills, in addition to a round of seafood choices. Catering to all tastes, Egyptian Night also serves many vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free items.

And what it an authentic Egyptian night without finishing the meal with shisha and desserts; Egyptian Night has a variety of shisha flavours, in addition to a host of all-time-favourite desserts, including rice pudding, konafa, shakalama, and more.

Whenever you feel like craving a taste from home, head to Hilton Cairo Heliopolis’ Egyptian Night to enjoy the authentic taste of Egypt.