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Hilton Heliopolis Shares Secrets to International Success

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Hilton Heliopolis Shares Secrets to International Success
    written by
    Mariam Nowar

    Following the honourable win of Hilton Heliopolis’ Raj Indian restaurant and Noble House Chinese restaurant, we reached out to General Manager, Jean-Sebastien Kling to find out the secrets of success that led the hotel to win the Official 2020 World Luxury Restaurant Awards.

    “In food and beverage, creativity, new ideas, new dishes, new ways of service, yet keeping the standard, is the key to standing out and being special”, says Kling. But our curiosity only intensified with such words. It led us to dive in a bit deeper to grasp the hotel’s defiance of the norm and exceeding the expectations to enable the hotel to compete on an international level.

    Here is what Kling had to share about Hilton Heliopolis’ journey to such triumphant milestone…

    Cairo 360: How did you react to the news of Raj and Noble House winning the Official 2020 World Luxury Restaurant Awards?

    Kling: Immediately, we went and shared the great news with our Hilton platform for food and beverage (taste of Hilton) where we shared our achievement with Hilton worldwide, yet we reached out our clients and guests in all media to celebrate together, and we put a great offer (launching the Bon Vivant Menu) where guest can come and try the best dishes that were reasons for our achievement, with the best ever value price.

    360: If you want to thank a list of people for their contribution, who would make it to the top?

    K: First, both of the head chefs, then comes all the front and back of the house the team and the F&B management that leads such success. 

    360: Please name a few of the signature dishes from each restaurant, along with the authentic ingredients used.

    K: For Noble House, it’s the Noble House signature sweet and sour shrimps, Peking duck, black pepper beef, fried rice with shrimp, wok-fried noodles with seafood, deep-fried banana.

    For Raj, the Tandoori Paneer Tikka, Chicken Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken, Kashmiri Nalli Roganjosh, Baingan Aur Mutter Ka Bhartha, lamb biryani, Roti, and Naan.

    360: How were both restaurants able to achieve such excellent services?

    K: Its simple quality is priority number one and the ingredients we use in all food and beverages, using the top materials either imported or local, and smart, classic, yet friendly service.