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Home-Based Delivery Services that Remind us of Mom

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Home-Based Delivery Services that Remind us of Mom
    written by
    Nada Wahba

    Having a hot homemade meal after a long day of work is probably one of the most satisfying moments in one’s day. Unfortunately, it is a pretty rare occurrence, especially if you live alone and have a full-time job. Some people prepare their meals as the solution, cooking their food at the beginning of every week and storing it in their fridge for when they come home. However, we have a list of online home cooked-food services that will save you the trouble and remind you of your mom’s food. 

    Feteer Gedaty 

    One of the most iconic Egyptian breakfast dishes is feteer meshaltet, which combines layers of ghee or butter and pastry that results in a flaky exterior and a pillowy, chewy interior. You can have it with molasses, tahini, cheese, or even on its own. Feteer Gedaty’s makes the traditional pastry in the same manner that our grandmothers used to make. You can order this service’s goodies for breakfast, or have its stuffed sausage or cheese feteer for lunch. Check it out on Instagram here


    Getting yourself a home-cooked meal is one thing, and having hamam, or stuffed pigeon, is another. However, you don’t have to think about cooking up a hamam meal for yourself from scratch because here’s where Hamamshi comes in, presenting an all-pigeon cuisine. It has all of the usual recipes and some of its own creations, too, such as its pigeon maqlooba and pigeon tajines. You can also order the side dishes that you traditionally have alongside a hamam dish, like molokhia and spiced rice! You can check out its menu here

    Foool Tank 

    Even if you’re only craving breakfast, this home-based delivery kitchen is ready to take your order! Foool Tank is a family-established business that delivers your traditional Egyptian breakfast of fuul and taameya, but with a modern spin. It has unique sandwich creations such as fries fattah sandwiches, and spicy mixed feta. You can order its breakfast sandwiches or plates to your office as well, so you can enjoy it with your co-workers! Check it out here


    A home kitchen away from home, Yumamia serves hearty meals that vary from Egyptian food to international dishes. Yumamia caters to your dietary needs as well, whether you’re eating healthy or not. It has mahshi and grilled chicken, among other dishes, but if you don’t want a hot meal to eat right away, this service also offers a huge frozen menu that ranges from appetisers to main dishes and even sauces if you’re going to store for later. Check it out on its Instagram page here.