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Hot Right Now: Asian Street Food

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Hot Right Now: Asian Street Food
written by
Nada Wahba

On our mission of detecting the popular trends that Cairenes navigate towards, we noticed that Asian street food is definitely getting more hype by the second! Although Asian cuisine isn’t a monolith, what its different cuisines have in common is the burst of flavour within their dishes and the use of simple and fresh ingredients that elevate the flavour profile. While Asian cuisine is commonly popular in fine dining, Asian street food tends to focus on authenticity and being within the budget. Rising to the surface, it’s also quickly getting the recognition it’s been working towards. If you’re wondering where you can try a variety of Asian street food, we have a list of newly budding and hidden gems to put on your list. 

Don Eatery 

Newly introduced in Cairo, Don Eatery quickly got the attention of Cairenes, and many hurried to try its food! From Asian soups including pho and ramen to baos, noodles, and rice creations, Don Eatery is the holy grail for the must-try authentic Asian dishes. The restaurant is located in 5A, New Cairo. If you haven’t tried, what the heck are you waiting for? At least that’s what it has written on the menu. Speaking of that, check out its menu here

Fu Lin Men

This hidden gem is one of the most delicious and affordable Chinese fast food spots in Cairo, where you’ll enjoy quality fine dining food—especially its Chinese noodles creations—without selling one of your kidneys. Located in one of the corners of Rehab City, Fu Lin Men is a take-away-only restaurant where you place your order and receive it in 15 minutes, so you can enjoy it as fresh as it gets. This is a great option for those who want a satisfying bite on the go. Check its menu out here


The royalty of Korean fried chicken, kimbap, and tteokbokki, Maadi’s Kokio is a piece of heaven on earth. With its array of sauces and side dishes, Kokio is a flavour bomb for Asian street food in Cairo. Careful though, this restaurant’s spicy dishes are Korean-level spicy, so keep that in mind as you order! Check its menu out here

Kami Katsu 

Serving Japanese street food, Kami Katsu is the place to go if you’re craving the sandos and kushiyaki you drool over as you watch your favourite anime. Located in New Cairo, it specialises in sando creations, from chicken katsu to wagyu beef burgers. The restaurant also serves intriguing starters that include doubled-fried potatoes and gyozas. Check out its menu here.