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Hot Right Now: Classic Ramadan Desserts

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Hot Right Now: Classic Ramadan Desserts
written by
Nelly Ezz

Ramadan certainly brings out the best of us and the best of sweet creations. We have witnessed many reinventions of the classic Ramadan desserts we all know and love over the past decade. However, even though it was an undoubtedly fun ride, one cannot deny missing the good old days where the classic kunafa and basbousa were the staples after each Iftar. 

So, here is a nostalgic rundown on all the flavour profiles we have missed so dearly, starting with basbousa. This famous semolina sweet shortcake is rich, syrupy, and delightfully heavy. Made with mainly semolina, sugar, ghee and milk – this humble and simple dessert is one of Ramadan’s staples. Then comes balah el-sham, the most syrupy Ramadan sweets of them all. Balah el-sham has a crunchy outside and a sweet and chewy inside – served with nothing on top and not filled with anything. It is the Arabic version of a churro! There’s also qatayef, which has a similar batter to pancakes and is pan-grilled before it’s stuffed with nuts or cream, sealed and fried. The result is a sweet, nutty, and out-of-this-world crunch.

One cannot forget the undeniably classic kunafa, the hair-thin shredded pastry pie filled with cream or qeshta and soaked in syrup. Many variants of this classic staple appear every year. However, we can’t help but miss the original recipe. Last but definitely not least is the all-mighty Um Ali which is made out of mixing puff pastry dough, milk, sugar, nuts, raisins, and spices resulting in a harmonious heavenly bite. Now, where can we find all those nostalgic blasts from the past this Ramadan?


Whether it is a family gathering or just a mini get together with friends and whatever your event size is, Twinky is ready to bring you all those forgotten flavours you have been reminiscing about. You can find the classical kunafa, basbousa and everything in between, served by the kilo or in ready-made plates in any of their branches this Ramadan.

Mandarine Koueider

Take a trip down all the unforgettable memories at the venue of your choice – from traditional delights to classic specialities. You can opt to try something from their mixed platters or get ready-made plates of desserts like el saraya bread, kunafa with qeshta, or even malban with eshta – drop by or give them a call; they operate as early as 10 AM during Ramadan.

Sale Sucre

Even though Sale Sucre has jumped on the bandwagon of creative Ramadan creations, it still pays tribute to the essential classics. Alongside its wide array of intriguing spinoffs, one of the solid points for Sale Sucre is their traditional kunafa with cream and nuts. You can find many classic options in any of their branches around the city or call 19632 to see what’s available. 


The pastry shop that many of us grew up loving. Whether during Ramadan or throughout the year, Sedra serves a decadent Um Ali and buttery smooth remoosh el set, as well as the list of all Ramadan specials! You can visit their many branches or pre-order on 01065527801, 01009930059, or 01050469100.