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Hot Right Now: Poke Bowls

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Hot Right Now: Poke Bowls
    written by
    Nada Wahba

    Sushi is unquestionably one of the foods Cairenes enjoy the most. We even plan our day around it sometimes! However, since there is such a thing as having too many rolls, you’ll be glad to know that poke bowls are here to save the day (and a few calories)! 

    Pronounced poh-kay, poke is deconstructed sushi that usually has a sushi rice base, fresh vegetables, and fruit as well as seafood of choice. Usually, the seafood in question is either fresh tuna, salmon, or shrimp with soy sauce or Japanese mayo. 

    Originally a Hawaiian dish, poke came into being during the time when fishermen used to catch and season their fish with salt and seaweed before consuming it raw. Its name literally translates into “to cut crosswise into pieces”. Later on, it grew popular amongst casual and fast food spots around the world, which served poke bowls as well as its modern spins that included ponzu sauce, a citrus-based sauce, mushrooms, and avocado. 

    Luckily, we have a few places right here in Cairo that serve satisfying poke bowls. Just check out the list below! 

    Let’s Poke 

    It’s all in the name! Let’s Poke prepares a delicious variety of poke bowls, though you can always make your own if you don’t find any of its options attractive, even though that would be impossible. The restaurant has the option of adding 40 or 80 grams of your protein of choice, from salmon to shrimp and chicken katsu with hummus. You can also choose more than one base from a selection of rice, lettuce, or quinoa.

    Following that, you can customise the bowl however you like, adding from the many toppings and sauces. Let’s Poke also has Poke Bites, which is a smaller version of a poke bowl that’s made up of a crispy rice bed cut into rectangles. Visit the page on Instagram to check it out!


    Gaining popularity over its sushi burritos, Takosan also has killer poke bowls with portions as big as your head. The restaurant has its own creations that are always on point, however, you can always build your own sushi burrito or poke bowl! It has quite a variety of protein and toppings, as well as sauces to cater to your taste. For more mouthwatering options, check out Takosan’s elaborate menu on its Instagram page here


    Besides its array of sushi rolls and sashimi, Garnell also has poke! Possibly one of the most popular sushi places in Cairo, Garnell has the most basic form of poke. And since its seafood is always fresh, you’re guaranteed a great bowl! It uses all the basic sushi vegetables, like cucumbers, carrots, and avocado, and you have the choice to add salmon or tuna to your bowl. Check it out on Instagram here


    Known for its healthy cuisine and creative dishes, Lyfe has a special section for poke, in which you can build your own bowl or choose between its two poke creations: The Classic and the Oahu, named after an island in Hawaii. As an added bonus, the restaurant’s salmon and tuna sashimi are incredibly fresh, so you can have them on their own! Check out Lyfe on Instagram here