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Hot Right Now: Tteokbokki A.K.A Fried Rice Cakes

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Hot Right Now: Tteokbokki A.K.A Fried Rice Cakes
written by
Nelly Ezz
Via Pickledplum

Korean food has been expanding its presence worldwide in the past couple of years. Empowered by the growing popularity of Korean culture, Korean cuisine is now rising as a new Asian taste on the global food scene. Getting notably popular by introducing fermented condiments like the traditional Kimchi, Korean cuisine is now a staple like Chinese and Japanese cuisines. Tangy, salty, sweet and spicy, that’s what Korean food is all about. It is notable for creating a harmony of flavours with various ingredients, such as garlic, onion and pepper. After the Kimchi and Korean BBQ buzz dozed off came the Tteokbokki, a popular traditional Korean street food.

The dish consists of long and rounded cylindrical sticks of rice cakes drenched in spicy sauce. ‘Tteok’ is the Korean word for rice cake, and ‘bokki’ means something fried. Translated to spicy rice cakes, it is one of Korea’s central street food dishes. Fortunately for all foodies residing in Cairo, we get to try this fantastic doughy spicy dish in any Korean places that have started to open these past few years. If you are an adventurous foodie with a particular love for Asian flavours, then Tteokbokki should definitely be on your bucket list. You can find them in a few places around the city; check them out whenever you’re in the mood for some Korean goodness. 


A casual Korean eatery nestled in one of Maadi’s neighbourhoods, Gaya has undoubtedly made quite the name for itself. Always busy, Gaya has a wide selection of Korean specialities like an array of condiments, small dishes, BBQs, hot pots, tofu dishes, and of course, Tteokbokki. You can opt to head over there for a different dinner experience or order delivery – call 0225197769 for more information. 


Another Maadi hot spot for Korean food is Arirang. Their menu is quite vast, with choices like BBQ, sushi, hot pots, pork dishes, and more. You can enjoy your time trying so many different flavours and dishes with friends anytime from 10 AM-10 PM daily. They offer dine-in or curb-side pickup options. 

Hana BBQ

This one is for your Zamalek and neighbouring area residents. Hana BBQ is the place to go for a great hot pot or Korean BBQ If you’re in the area. The place surely does not disappoint; however, their parking options might. Head there as early as noon to get a taste of great Korean flavours in delightful Zamalek, but be sure to park somewhere else and walk or just uber there. 


Unique flavours and great prices at this Korean food joint which also resides in, yes, you have guessed it, Maadi. Located in Degla street, Tomato has created quite the name for itself over the years for being one of the best Korean food experiences in Cairo. You can find all the popular Korean dishes there alongside the famous Tteokbokki.