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Hot Right Now: Yemeni Food

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Hot Right Now: Yemeni Food
written by
Nelly Ezz
Via Medmunch

Many factors influence how we experience food, including our brain, personality traits, past experiences, adverse events, etc. Although stepping out of the comfort zone is not easy, the world has so many cuisines to offer, and without trying them, you can never know which can make their way into your regular meals. Trying new foods will do more than widen your horizons – it can help you eat healthier, introduce you to different cultures, and add more nutrients to your diet. Here in Cairo, we have seen a rise in different cuisines like Korean, South American, and even Arabic. Being a North African country with cultural influences from all over, Yemeni food is closer to our flavour profiles than Korean fried chicken and tacos. That said, the evident rise in Yemeni joints across the capital says it all – Egyptians like Yemeni flavours. 

Yemeni cuisine is one of the most important, richest and most diverse Arab cuisines, as it combines many foods and meals that represent the cultural heritage of this ancient country and the land of successive civilizations, and these customs differ from one region or city to another. The most common dishes consumed all over Yemen are made with rice and lamb. Yemeni cuisine uses a wide range of spices, hot peppers and sauces. Vegetables and meat are usually bought and consumed as fresh as possible. Many dishes are accompanied by rice or flatbreads,  but potatoes and grains are also staple foods. Fruit and nuts are regular additions to sweet dishes and savoury dishes. 

If you haven’t gotten the chance to try it yet, check out these places and begin a journey of self-discovery through the myriad of flavours Yemeni food offers. 

Yemeni Corner

Situated in Dokki, this cosy restaurant offers a wide selection of stews, Mandi, and Meat Zuriban. They are open daily until midnight and even have curbside pickup! You can head there anytime starting at 6 AM to enjoy their wide selection of breakfast and lunch items.


We have all heard this name before, but how many of us actually know that it’s a Yemeni restaurant? Hadramout has branches all over Egypt and even a few copycat restaurants with the same name. The original Hadramout has an extensive selection of rice and meat dishes alongside unique ones: pigeons, chicken, grills, breads, Mandi, and more. You can probably find a branch in any neighbourhood you can think of.

Wahet ElYemen

Another renowned Yemeni joint is Wahet ElYemen which opens until 3 AM daily! You can find anything you crave, from Mandi and Kabsa, to kofta and fish – you name it. You can also try their Adany tea to experience the Yemeni cuisine. If you are in the Mohandseen area, make sure to pass by.

Bab El Mandab

Unpretentious and very affordable, Bab el Mandab is one for the bucket list. You can find Saltah, the national dish of Yemen, among their wide selection of specialised dishes. The atmosphere and presentation is full-on traditional. Visit their branch in Manial if you’re up for an adventure.