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It’s Sunny Lunch Time at Santoku Sushi & Steakhouse

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It’s Sunny Lunch Time at Santoku Sushi & Steakhouse
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    Cairo 360

    The Japanese restaurant is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Set in a contemporary atmosphere on North Road 90, New Cairo.

    They have lots of mouthwatering, hair-raising tricks up their sleeves, from their exquisite teppanyaki, cooked right before your eyes and served straight from the grill to their fabulous sushi tarts! Yes, you heard it! A tart made of all sorts of colourful sushi, layered magnificently for your viewing pleasure, and ideal for a unique birthday experience.

    What more could you possibly want? How about an early lunch rather than the usual evening dining?

    Santoku is now open for “Sunny Lunch” time from 1 pm and is ready to host spectacular birthday celebrations at their sunny venue. Whether outside in the open area or cosy indoors, there’s some always sunshine to enjoy, along with beautiful views of greenery and the pool to complete the setting!

    You can relish with a menu specialising in sushi and teppanyaki, with set menus starting at 190 LE per person, and, of course, American certified Angus steak for days! There are also a few Chinese items such as noodles and sweet & sour choices, all cooked to perfection. Their famous sushi tart is a definite must-try, but most important is their new “Sunny Lunch” set menus for sushi, starting at 455 LE per two people. Yum!

    And how about some good old-fashioned entertainment for an overall wholesome atmosphere? Santoku runs exquisite Piano Fridays and some incredibly fun Karaoke Tuesdays, both guaranteed to excite one’s auditory senses just as much as one’s taste buds!

    Santoku Sushi & Steakhouse is open daily and during the weekends, morning to evening, and before you start worrying about traffic and parking, they have their very own private car park and access from the back entrance. All you need to indulge without a care, with daytime magic, evening extravagance, tasty treats, and exhilarating music, all ensuring an overall breathtaking experience.

    For reservations, call 01212669999.