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Korean Food Culture in Egypt
    written by
    Nada Wahba

    Korean food culture awareness has been spreading throughout Cairo. With more people scouting for places that serve Korean food, the Korean culture fanbase has generally been growing as Cairenes have become more aware of K-pop, K-dramas, and, best of all, Korean food!

    We’ve decided to focus mainly on Korean food since its culture isn’t just about the food, and every dish has a backstory that is associated with family and togetherness. So here are a few restaurants where you can get the Korean food culture experience.


    Popular for its variety of dishes and its authentic taste, Gaya carries the essence of South Korean food culture. Located in Maadi, Gaya boasts its deep-fried vegetables, beef bulgogi, and dumplings, which are must-tries. Dumplings, or mandu, are nostalgic to Koreans or, more precisely, special. Mandu is usually prepared on special occasions, such as Lunar New Year, because it brings families together. All family members take part in preparing the dish, and the way they wrap it can tell a lot about the time and effort they’ve put in. Thus, it correlates with how much its makers care about who they’re serving it to. It’s a Korean staple. 


    While it’s mostly known for its Korean fried chicken, Kokio also serves other delicious side dishes that you absolutely have to try. Located in Maadi, you have the choice of getting either a whole or a half of a chicken, wings, and even tenders. The restaurant also has a selection of sauces, including spicy, soy, honey garlic, onions and original. Korean fried chicken is different from other fried chicken dishes because it’s fried twice. This process makes the chicken crispier and, oddly, less greasy.

    Seoul Barbecue 

    Seoul Barbecue introduces the Korean barbecue experience in which you get an assortment of raw meats, veggies, and sauces that are cooked in a boiling broth of your choice. This experience is popular in South Korea—an all-you-can-eat barbecue, if you will! Koreans go by the mantra of ‘food is fuel’, thus you’ll find their dishes packed with vegetables, spices, and herbs that are good for gut health and overall physical wellbeing. If you’re planning to go, Seoul Barbecue is located in Maadi.

    Hana Barbecue 

    Another restaurant specialising in Korean barbecue; Hana Barbecue offers a variety of meat selections for you to cook. From beef and chicken to duck and squid, you’ll find something to your liking. Other than its impressive barbecue station, the restaurant’s top dishes include sweet and sour chicken, egg rolls, and dumplings. It’s important to note that Hana Barbecue is located in Zamalek. 


    This one screams authentic Korean street food. Located in Maadi, Tomato is mostly famous for its Tteokbokki, a Korean dish made from rice cakes in a succulent and spicy sauce with vegetables. It also has kimbap, a Korean staple of cooked rice and veggies rolled in seaweed. Other than that, the restaurant has ramen and other types of noodles in different broths, ranging from anchovy and chicken to beef and even kimchi. You’re guaranteed a good time no matter what you order.