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Koshary El Tahrir

Koshary El Tahrir: One of Cairo’s Biggest Koshary Chains Opens in Maadi

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Yousef Hany
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Koshary El Tahrir: One of Cairo’s Biggest Koshary Chains Opens in Maadi

In Egypt, the name Tahrir is synonymous with
two things; the revolution and the best known koshary restaurant in Cairo. Right
in the centre of the bustling El Nasr Street in Maadi, a new and extremely well-furnished
branch of Koshary El Tahrir has opened. This new branch opened in the last days
of Ramadan, and since then El Nasr Street has become even more crowded and
congested because of people dining at its latest addition.

The Maadi restaurant itself is nothing like the
koshary chain’s other modest branches; the restaurant consists of two floors with
tens of tables and chairs that are very well-organized and comfortable. A
sleekly designed banner and spotlights dispersed throughout the venue give the
restaurant a modern and funky image that isn’t normally associated with a
koshary restaurant.

The staff at Koshary Tahrir is very helpful and
friendly, and the service is quite fast and efficient. The koshary itself is delicious
especially after using their amazing da’a (lemon, vinegar and garlic dressing)and
salsa (tomato sauce). Spicy food lovers beware; their shatta (spicy chilli
sauce) is very strong.

The prices at Koshary El Tahrir are not that
different from other leading koshary restaurants: the small size costs 3.50LE,
medium size costs 5.50LE, the large size is for 7LE while the king size sells for
8LE, and the mega size (enough for three people) sells for 20LE. This reviewer found
the king size portion more than enough for a hungry stomach. Additionally, extra
tomato sauce, humus or lentils cost 1LE, and after such a heavy meal, you might
want to try their delicious rice pudding or mahalabeya for 3LE to cool down.

As with all good koshary joints, the restaurant
caters as quickly to those wanting to take-out as they do to those wanting to
dine in, and have a swuft and efficient delivery service.

Soft drinks are available at Koshary El Tahrir,
including a large cup of Pepsi for 4.50LE, and a small size for 3.50LE.

Even though legend always speaks of the great
koshary of Downtown Cairo, Koshary El Tahrir’s latest branch in Maadi more than
holds its own. Yes, it is uncharacteristically sleek and modern, but that hasn’t
taken away anything from the authenticity of this staple Egyptian dish.

360 Tip

Koshary El Tahrir delivers via the numbers 29820209, 29820239 and 29820244.

Best Bit

The amazing da'a and salsa makes Koshary El Tahrir special.

Worst Bit

It might take a while to find a decent place to park as the parking beside the restaurant is usually full.

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