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Lavish Feasts Await at Kempinski Nile Hotel this Ramadan

Lavish Feasts Await at Kempinski Nile Hotel this Ramadan
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Cairo 360

Enjoying a pleasantly demure, almost decorous, existence along the Garden City Corniche, Kempinski Nile Hotel is one of the more distinctive luxury hotels in Cairo. As a multiple Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Award winner, the hotel certainly offers world-class facilities, but it’s Kempinski Nile’s almost boutique hotel-like hospitality and comfort that make it stand out from the rest – and something that it is being carried into Ramadan, with several seasonal specials on offer…

Turkish Delights at Osmanly Restaurant









Widely regarded among Cairo 360 reviewers past and present as the best Turkish restaurant in the city, everything about Osmanly lends itself to the most lavish of Ramadan dining experiences. Offering fetar buffet of Ottoman specialties and Oriental delicacies, Osmanly is a restaurant that swallows you into its atmosphere and ambiance; with the quality of food and the unique surroundings, it’s an experience that straddles the line between the familiar and the exotic perfectly.

Roses are Red, Buffets are Blue

​If you’re looking for a more international flavour to your fetar, the Blue Restaurant offers exactly that, with fetar buffet of foods and dishes from across the world – but Oriental food-lovers needn’t despair, as there is plenty in the buffet that hits closer to home. The buffet operates daily between 6.30PM and 9PM and is 275LE++ per person.

Sohour with a View

Fetar is great, but what adds real flair and flavour to Ramadan evenings is sohour and the Rooftop ticks all the boxes for a perfectly relaxed late Ramadan night. With a specially crafted sohour menu of Oriental classics, traditional Ramadan drinks and top-notch shisha, the cherry on top of this ice-cream sundae of a sohour experience is a Nile view that is nothing short of stunning. The Rooftop will operate between 7PM and 2AM daily and is 190LE++ per person.

Guilty Pleasures at the Chocolate Lounge

We’ve mentioned Oriental specialities several times thus far, but not the granddaddy of local and regional delicacies: Oriental desserts and sweets. No Ramadan would be complete without regularly medicating yourself with konafa, baklava and the likes, and the dessert experts backstage at the Chocolate Lounge is obliging with some very special treats.

Events at the Nile Room

Kempinski Nile is also offering its elegant Nile Room as a perfect space for private and corporate fetar events. Perfect for groups, securing the Nile Room for fetar will offer you a lavish buffet of both international and Oriental cuisine as well as a unique, private space.

For more information about Kempinski Nile Hotel’s Ramadan specials, call 02-2798-0000, or check out the hotel’s official Facebook page.