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Lebanese Diner: From the Streets of Beirut, to the Palates of Cairo

Lebanese Diner: From the Streets of Beirut, to the Palates of Cairo
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Cairo 360

On Cairo’s ever-growing, ever-evolving dining scene, Lebanese restaurants are a dime a dozen – seriously, there’s, like, a lot of them. Each one claims to offer an authentic Lebanese experience, only to fizzle into being ‘just another Lebanese restaurant’.

You’d be forgiven for rolling your eyes at the prospect of yet another newcomer, but Lebanese Diner is looking to do things a little differently.

Having opened just days ago at Sheikh Zayed’s Al Guezira Plaza, Lebanese Diner is bringing a trendy, street-wise slice of Beirut to the masses with a menu that brings together the best of Lebanese street-food and international culinary trends.

From starters like the spicy Hummus Harr and sharers like the Chicken Mac & Cheese, to the fresh and zesty Quinoa Salad and sandwiches like the Basterma w Halloum and the absolute Lebanese classic the Francisco Sub, it’s as contemporary an approach to Lebanese food as you’ll find in the city. This being a ‘sandwich and grill’ place, Cairo’s carnivorous will be pleased that the restaurant takes meat  very, very seriously, with the Djeij Bel Laymoun (Chicken Lemon) and Veal Escalope platter being particular highlights of a menu that offers a little bit of something for everyone. The desserts are rather enticing, too; Ashta Rolls? Nutella Chocoba? Their special Lazy Cake? We’ll have one of everything, please.

A consultant chef and head chef that have a combined 50 years of experience, alongside a reported team of experienced food and beverage professionals, family and friends, have put it all together – it’s something of a labour of love.

Naturally, such a quirky take on traditional cuisine demands and equally quirky setting – and that’s exactly what Lebanese Diner does with a too-cool-for-school interior decor that also retains that very particular kind of Lebanese chic-ness we’ve come to expect of our Levantine brethren.

But this is just the beginning for Lebanese Diner – there are plans to take over Cairo (and beyond) and if they deliver on all their delicious promises, we can’t see anything that would stop them. For more information, check out Lebanese Diner on Facebook and Instagram.