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Lebanese Restaurants in Cairo that Offer Frozen Goodness ‎

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Lebanese Restaurants in Cairo that Offer Frozen Goodness ‎
written by
Dina Mokhtar

Featured image Ayadina Lebanese Restaurant

Personally speaking, we’ve been craving Lebanese since Ramadan started; maybe it’s the daily sight of Sambousak on our Iftar table that triggered the need for more of that deliciously unique cuisine, and its long list of scrumptious appetisers. Many Lebanese restaurants in Cairo have special Iftar and Sohour menu on offer for delivery, which will satisfy our palate only once.

Call us greedy, but we want the culinary pleasure to last as long as we can, so we’ve searched for the places that offer their goodness in a frozen form, so we can take it out of the freezer and pop it into the pan, oven, or microwave, whenever the whim urges.




We miss eating out at Ayadina, yet the silver lining is their ready-to-cook menu. Not only is Ayadina offering items like Kebbeh (12 piece – 80LE), Cheese Sambousak (12 pieces -90LE), Sujouk Shish Barak (24 pieces -60LE), Shish Tawook (1 Kg -120LE), Kebab (1 KG – 250LE), and more.

Check the whole lot here. Place your order by calling 01007043248 – 01017196886 – 01022152717 – 01028117976.



Taboon offers a host of mains, salads that serve up to 4 people, and a classic range of appetisers; Kebbeh (6 pieces -75LE), Cheese Sambousak (12 pieces -60LE), and Spinach Sambousak (12 pieces – 33LE).

Place your order by calling 16685, and you can also shop other frozen items from Taboon sister brands, Il Divino Pizzeria, El Torr, and Tavolino. Check their menus here.



Carlo’s offers a menu that gathers various cuisines such as Asian and Italian, in addition to its Lebanese range, which includes Vine Leaves (500 gm – 60LE), Mini Mombar (500 gm – 65LE), as well as Beef and Cheese Sambousak (10 pieces – 55LE, and 45LE respectively), Kebbeh (10 pieces – 60LE), and more.

Check the whole menu here, and place your order by calling 0237966336 – 0237966337 – 0237966338 (October City), and 16690 (New Cairo).



The famed Lebanese restaurant is offering a wide selection of soups, hot and cold mezzehs, pastries, in addition to mains and desserts. Caracas also has various authentic Lebanese staple ingredients on offer, like sumac, thyme, olives, and hot chilli pepper paste.

Check the menu here, and place your order by calling 01097543679 – 01097436567.

Gourmet:                                                                                                                        Of course, Gourmet is not a restaurant, so let’s consider it a bonus place you can turn to for a quick fix. The grocery shop has a long list of Lebanese delights that cater to all tastes; from mana’eesh and fatayer to Kebbeh that comes with its own yoghurt dip, and even Fatoush Salad.

You can order their delightful range online, Knock yourself out!