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Lunch on a Budget? Look No Further Than This Listicle!

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Lunch on a Budget? Look No Further Than This Listicle!
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Despite how challenging or relaxing your workday might be, there’s always this one task that weighs heavy on your mind until it gets resolved, and that is the matter of food. The problem is that there’s no avoiding hunger at the workplace, and with restaurants getting more and more expensive, you may find that food is taking most, or all of your paycheck at the end of the month. So for those days you’re hungry and on a budget, we’re bringing you a list of go-to restaurants for reasonably priced dishes.


Leaning a bit on the healthy side, Hadramout offers a grilled chicken meal, in different spices, plus a side of rice and bread. A hearty and tasty meal (half-grilled chicken) is about 50 EGP.

Pasta 2go

Pasta 2 Go offer simple pasta dishes. You choose your pasta type and sauce, be it red, white, pink, pesto, or curry, then add a protein of your choice. Plain pasta with no protein would cost around 30-40 EGP.


Considered by many to offer the best pasta in their price category, Pastaweesy’s dishes are very flavourful and very heavy. You’ll have a good number of options in the price category between 25-40 EGP.

Kansas Fried Chicken

If you’re looking to treat yourself to some nice crunchy chicken, Kansas Fried Chicken is the new KFC that does not break the bank. You can get sandwiches for 20-40 EGP, and a snack box for around 30 EGP.

The BBQ Court

While the taste may not be top-class, it’s definitely worth the price. The BBQ Court offers a diverse selection of burgers between 30 and 50 EGP. They also offer other chicken sandwiches, as well as pasta and crêpes.


Shawerma is a definite go-to when it comes to reasonably-priced lunch options that are delicious and satisfying. If you’re in Maadi, Shawermatic is one of the top choices, with sandwiches starting at just 25 EGP.

Bab El Hadid

One of the masters of Egyptian street food, Bab El Hadid offers delicious Egyptian sandwiches that do not break the bank. You can also go for some of their cheap pasta.


With branches in Heliopolis, Zamalek, and Maadi, chances are you have a Yokal branch that delivers to your workplace. Their sandwiches are small but quite delightful. Each sandwich will set you back just around 10 EGP, while a satisfying combo is just under 60 EGP.