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Lunch in Sahel? 10 Restaurants in Sahel that will Satisfy Your Palate

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Lunch in Sahel? 10 Restaurants in Sahel that will Satisfy Your Palate
    written by
    Dina Mokhtar

    Featured image via Galambo on Facebook

    When in Sahel, one tends to skip meals and depend on snacks amid a busy schedule of dipping in the pool, lounging on the beach, and being on the road to pick your friend from the many-miles-away compound – yeah, life is hard in Sahel.

    But because sometimes a quick snack on the go is never enough, here’s a list of places that serves you a proper, wholesome meal that will keep you going strong through the Sahel life.



    Cairo’s all-time favourite brings its goodness to Sahel at Hacienda Bay’s Lakeyard, where you can enjoy a range of pizzas, pasta, and seafood items, including the Spanish classic, seafood paella. Ted’s also delivers, give it a call on 01203335755.


    Having announced its return to Hacienda White last July, Galambo is now serving its renowned fresh seafood choices at its dainty beach resto-bar that are also available for pickup and delivery. Book your spot by calling 01000004892, or call 01555 112 116 for delivery and collection.


    The Lebanese restaurant is back at Telal, where you can enjoy a delightful meal on the beach, for reservations call 01000010888.

    Le Sidi:

    The boutique hotel and restaurant at Hacienda Bay serves a host of Mediterranean-inspired dishes in a tranquil setting, call 01129990004 for reservations.

    Sachi by the Sea:

    The beachfront restaurant at Hacienda is back, offering dine-in and pickup. For reservations, call between 2 and 8 pm on 0103 0030055, and 012 072 66 005 for collection.


    Amwaj’s Rivette has just announced the return of Mistiqa to Sahel, serving its delightful range of authentic tastes from across the Middle East.

    Clams and Claws:

    Located at Amwaj’s Rivette, the seafood restaurant Clams and Claws also offers delivery between Telal and Marina 7, give it a call on 01023024402.

    Mori Sushi:

    Cairo’s famed sushi restaurant is in Sahel at Hacienda Red, Hacienda Bay’s Lakeyard, Marassi, and La Vista. Open daily from 12 to 10 pm, while delivery is available from 1 pm to 1 am, call 16885.


    The comfort-food outlet is located at Marassi and Hacienda Bay’s Lakeyard. Crave also delivers, call 16788.

    Eddy’s Kitchen:

    Located at Stella Sidi Abdel Rahman, Eddy’s Kitchen delivers a host of international options straight to your doorstep; all you need to do is head to Eddy’s Kitchen’s website  to place your order.