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Major Throwback: Restaurants Edition

Carino's Childhood Chili's Fridays Restaurants Studio Misr T.G.I Fridays Throwback
Major Throwback: Restaurants Edition
written by
Nada Wahba

There is something about going to your favourite childhood restaurant when you’re all grown up and you get to spend your own money. It’s a full-circle moment. Maybe even the roles are reversed, and you take your parents out instead of the other way around. There are a few restaurants that were popular back in the day. They were the OG hangout spots that we’d take our friends and families to, and they hold a special place in our hearts. Here is the list of restaurants we all used to visit when we were little and have engraved some memories ever since.


This one will probably never get old. Our absolute favourite childhood spot, Chilis was where our parents took us to in celebration after a long school week. It was also the most popular spot for teen birthdays and celebrations! Their finger food will forever be finger-licking good and warm our hearts whatever age we are. Whether it be their classic chicken crispers, country fried chicken or their huge burgers and molten cake, Chilis catered to children and adults alike. Maybe it’s the reason it was so popular back then, and people still visit it to this very day.

Planet Africa

Never have we ever gone to Planet Africa without having an absolute blast! The restaurant was eccentric back in the day. Maybe the one that had the original idea of decorating the entire place as a very impressive zoo. Granted, some of the animals looked freakishly real, like that massive gorilla, but it was fun to look at and interact with as a kid. Besides the decorations, the food was also pretty tasty. From their finger foods to their sizzling main dishes, Planet Africa was a childhood staple for family gatherings and birthday celebrations as well.

T.G.I Friday’s

Friday’s and Chilis were going head to head at one point. They both had the same concept of a chill, laid back night on a weekend, and both served finger food. However, Friday’s had a more grown-up vibe. Their quesadillas, nachos, and burgers were must-haves whenever we took a trip to the restaurant. They also had amazing signature mocktails that gave us a sugar rush when we were kids.

Studio Masr

Maybe our parents dragged us out to this one, but Studio Misr remains associated with our childhood. Sometimes we visited it more during summer after a long day at the beach with the sun beaming our skin, but having a hearty Egyptian meal was quite rewarding right after. Meals would come sizzling and steaming right to our tables, and we’d have to wait impatiently before we dug in.


Serving the best apple crumble in the early 2000s, the Italian childhood restaurant Carino’s had our hearts warm and blood sugar levels through the roof. Their most served dishes back at the time, at least the ones we’d see on every table, were their pasta and signature club soda mocktails. They also had these mouthwatering appetisers before you order: toasted bread and garlic and olive oil dip. It had us salivating for our meals. Carino’s knew what they were doing.