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Mohave Is Serving up Classic American Dishes with an Egyptian Twist

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Mohave Is Serving up Classic American Dishes with an Egyptian Twist
  • The Village, inside Cairo Festival City
  • Egyptian,Mexican
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After years and years of exploring every nook and cranny of this city, we’ve seen places come and go, and we’ve seen those who’ve stayed and succeeded. Different presentations, decorations, and cuisines have entered the Cairo food scene, and those who dared to dream have always had a few tricks up their sleeve. With that same principle, Mohave is launching their new menu items, and they’re calling it, “Khaltet Nachos”.

The idea behind Mohave, the International Native American restaurant, is to give those traditional and beloved Egyptian dishes an American twist. They’ve gone all-in on these new dishes, and have some for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, bringing famous local dishes, and mixing them with nachos and American cuisine flavours.

You can have yourself some Scramble Pablo in the morning, or go for a hearty breakfast with Taameya Angelina. For a more saucy dish, you can venture with Mosakaa Maria, or have yourself a meaty feast with Sogo’ Louis and some Kebdet Abda, perhaps with a plate of Tawook Rosa.

These fusion cuisine dishes are bringing the best of the two worlds together, in a collision of flavours that mixes hearty Egyptian food with flavourful American additions. The Scramble Pablo is a bowl of scrambled eggs topped with coloured peppers, sausages, pepperoni, and a whole lot of cheese. Taameya Angelina, on the other hand, has some taameya bites infused with mixed vegetables and a special sauce. As for the Mosakaa Maria, it’s cooked the traditional way with the sauce we know and love, then mixed with some bell peppers, and loaded with melted cheese. All these plates are mixed with crunchy nacho chips.

Mohave is an International Native American restaurant located in Cairo Festival City. It is led by a huge family of 24 brothers and sisters from Mohave, near the Colorado River in the Mojave Desert, and with family roots extending back to those of Native Americans. A long time ago, the grandfathers of the family started this business, Mohave restaurant. What’s special about this eatery is that it travels around the world, moving from one country to another after five years, so for the next half-decade, Mohave will stay in Egypt.